Zoom 606, Excellent Condition...for Sale...

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by hybridindigo, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. hybridindigo

    hybridindigo New Member

    Hey guys,
    Would like to sell a Zoom606 MultiEffects Processor in an excellent condition...anyone interested plz post a reply...also reply if anyone has a Korg AX1G for sale...Exchange wit Korg also considered...reply folks
  2. fictional_real

    fictional_real Pyaasi Jawani

    u gotta pic? how long you been using it? where ya stay?

  3. hybridindigo

    hybridindigo New Member


    Ya fictional_real, i've been using it for a couple of months practically in a brand new condition, will post a pic soon, i'm stayin in mysore, willing to come to bangalore to sell it too, reply if interested brand new condition, practically unused, not done a lot of gigs, anyone? Oh ya! anyone got a Korg AX1G, willing to consider buyin it or exchange too...
  4. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    2 questions:
    2- y da **** are u selling it?
  5. hybridindigo

    hybridindigo New Member

    Questions Answered

    1. 5.5K expected, it's in good condition that i'll guarantee
    2. Was considering of buying a higher end processor like a Korg or Boss or somethin like that...
    Hey what processor would you recommend, also if interested tell me...(WAH is awesome and so is Flanger)
  6. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    If you are looking at a higher upgrade, then why are you looking at Korg AX1G. That's not a real h-fi one. I thought you liked the tone you get from AX1G.
  7. sethlover

    sethlover New Member

    hybridindigo i have an AXIG im willing to exchange with the 606, i am from bangalore so you'll have to come down here so that i can see if its OK, what do you think...
  8. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Hey hybridindigo ,
    So u r from Mysore, that cool man. Which band do you play for? I was in mysore for few years, then bands like heavens dust, melons, Marks band, Clintons last grail, morbid and few others played.
    Anyway how is the rock scene there in mysore right now, heard VIDYUT will b on april 1, also heard there are lot of new kids playing good struffs.
  9. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    If u are Prashanth this is Goutham here dude, the guy who used to be with Thape and Jigme (Melons).
  10. hybridindigo

    hybridindigo New Member

    Let's see, would give it a shot

    Well dude, let me know where you stay i'm comin over to bangalore this monday, so wanna know and How's The AX1G, would sure like to catch up with you, let me know quick coz i'm leavin tomorrow and will have to come back by wednesday

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