ZOOM 505 ii makes horrible sounds on distortion

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by rishulmatta16, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. rishulmatta16

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    hi every 1,
    1 month back i brought ZOOM 505 II for 3500/- eversince i am havin a problem wit it, it makes horrible nd tearing bamboo kinda of sounds wen i play chords on the DISTORTION patches !!! hav no problems wit playin the lead but some 1 pls help me wit the chords!!! pls tell me wat 2 do???
  2. getshorty80

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    hey rishu, i have been using the zoom 505 II for almost 5 years now. didnt bother to get a processor cause i havnt played live for a long time.about the sounds of distortion with 505 i can tell u it is a fact that the zoom distortion arent smooth like the analog boss pedals, as well as its harsh, but with a bit of tweeking with the nobs and certain parameter like the gain,EQ,mod,ZNR/module,etc u can get a decent sound. set up ur guitar with a standard distortion and then set it up by adjusting all the parameters to your needs find out which one will suit ur chords play ok. check google for ZOOM central its a web page where they give the settings of parameters from there you can change the settings ok hope this helps. Dont u expect to get a great tone from a ZOOM 505 dude. that what we get for the price haha.
  3. alpha1

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    1. Buddy, where do you live, ppl might be able to help you in person?
    2. Do you know how to tweak your processor?
    3. You are not exactly supposed to play normal "acoustic" chords on distortion, unless your guitar is perfectly intoned and tempered. So are you by any chance playing stuff like Gmaj7 etc? :shock:

    If you know how to tweak your processor, follow the steps:
    1. Reduce gain.
    2. Reduce Gain.
    4. Reduce Treble.
    6. Increase Mids.
    8. Adjust (=usually reduce) the Bass so that it doesn't sound boomy.

    Now after all that if you still get a "bad" tone, nothing can be helped, even a Marshall Plexi or MESA/Boogie Mark IIc will sound bad, if you don't adjust it.
  4. TheDevil

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    ^^^lmaolmaolmao :p
  5. nebuchadnezzar

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    I am not familiar with the Zoom patches, but try a moderate distortion setting first, say some 'Rock' preset as opposed to say, a 'Metal' preset.Maybe the preset you have has over-the-top noisy and harsh distortion.

    As alpha said reduce the gain, have your bass at 5-6, mids 6-7 and treble 4 and from there on adjust according to taste.

    As n00bish as this may sound, check if your guitar is tuned perfectly.Chords will sound like dung under distortion if the tuning is off, while you may not notice it while playing single notes.
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  6. alpha1

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    I forgot that tuned guitar part.
    Its the first step I guess. :)
  7. skorpion

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