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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by sixstringsin, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. sixstringsin

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    Could'nt get 2 listen to zero's album yet ....
    I heard them prefrom live and zeros REALLY :rock:

    Anybody heard the album Hook by Mumbai's Zeros? ...any reviews???

    Read a review at:

    and looks real tempting!
  2. the_wizard

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  3. alpha1

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    I have the whole album.

    Nice album.

    1. Chistmas in July: Superb polished instrumental track. Reminds me Joe Satriani using Phyrgian scale (or was it Phrygian Dominanat scale)
    2. Lijo: great instruemntal on Overdriven guitars. Nice feel
    3. Lost: ok track.
    4. Lucy: much better than Lost (infact the begining reminds me of Peral Jam's Even Flow)
    5. Not my kinda girl: Not my kinda song
    6. PSP: their smash hit. Superb rhythms. Leads are also good. Sounds really world class
    7. Spitleaf: w00000t. The best track. Instrumental. Sounds like Petrucci + Satriani + ___ rolled into one.

    My pick in order:
    1. Spitleaf
    2. Christmas in July
    3. PSP
    4. Lijo

    [edit] Contrary to Rocking_devil's thing that Warren's tone sound like Satriani.
    I find it more like Petrucci.
    Satch's tone is very Marshally
    Petrucci uses Mesa/Boogie
    Warren's tone resembles Petrucci's rather than Satch's
  4. sixstringsin

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    @wizzy: thanks for the link -- that thread was amazing!
    @alph: Hmm - so u have the whole album? Any legal pointers where to find the songs? I get them on music stores/ order online??
  5. Alfons

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    i dont think that they mind piracy , thats whats written on the CD . I got mine when they played at GIR . I think it was free
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  6. Nanda

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    yeah most indian bands dont mind piracy ... its more about ppl listening to them ...
  7. sixstringsin

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    ^ oh thats quite a cool thing to be read on a cd! ... Im on the look out for any of their songs (& wudn't mind buying the album) ..if anyome has any pointers -- do drop a line here!

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