#Youtube FanFest(#YTFF) Darshan Raval Songs Guitar lesson -Complete Mashup Chords and Strumming

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    #Youtube FanFest (#YTFF) Darshan Raval Guitar lesson -Complete Mashup Chords and Strumming

    Check This Video lesson for Chord Progession

    Chords Used in Mashup :E5 , A#sus4, B5 and Asus2

    First Song : Tu Dua Hai

    Strumming Pattern : DDDD

    Chords : E5

    Second Song : Me Tenu Samjhawan Ki

    Strumming : M U M UD

    Chords : A#sus4 B5 Asus2

    Third Song : Kabira

    Strumming : DDUDUDD DU

    Chords : A#sus4 B5 Asus2

    Fourth Song : Ilahi Mera Jee Aaye Aaye

    Strumming : DududududDdu

    Chords: Asus2 D5

    Happy and share!

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