yeh yeh - i kno i suck at poetry...

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    ok - b4 u read the crap down there - kno this... i aint much of a senti person - jence im no poet -- but wat i am is a ugly fat dude- and im a bit werked up bout the govt and i did write this - and fer a reson - i want to make a nice song - punk rock - ishtyle --- so even thogh i got a tune and a bunch of chords in my hed - i aint that wat im gonna do is ask u dudes/dudettes(*** no bar) fer a lotta help - im gona post some words heere - nuthin of which makes much u read it - puke - bruch ur teeth - sleep on it - THEN = pick u ur axe - try and get me a fast tune a li'l punky - wid NO solos - no gaps in it - jus one continous blow of werds...for some help - check out
    real gratefull/// the fatdude who's still writin this...
    ok so the lyrix go like

    so - help me out - yeh feedback's welcom - edit it if u want - but plzz lemee have a song...and make it before the 20th march plzzz - i only have 10 dez from them fer my class 12th...and probable suicide the way things r
    so watever.... help me out...and i kno it sucks - so dont bother mentioning that...
    fat kax
  2. CrYpTiC_angel

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    Anyway, I somehow read it in a rappish way :shock:
  3. fat_kax

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    NO MAN--- here go over to for godssake - goto the mp3 sections - download a [highlight]FREE[/highlight] Nofx - song - and then read it in that way -- and then tell me wat u think...
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    Darkest day in poetic history................
  5. bjr

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    What exactly are you looking for? Do we make a song and give it to you?

    I think a better way would be you come up with something and then we help you take it further.
  6. fat_kax

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    TOLD U SO!​
    ok bro - i'll do that - recordin rough version as i write this...wait no - as u read this...​
    @everyone else
    try anewez...​
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    good = now u can brush ur teeth - sleep on it - and then = pick up ur geetar - and think abut a tune fer it...
  8. fat_kax

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