Yaadein - Roxen

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  1. den.keyboardist

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    Yaadein Jiya Tarpaye In Aankhon Mein Neend Na Aye
    G C G G C G

    Yeh Mannnnn Tarapta Jayeeee Yeh Mannnn Tarap Ta Jayeeeee
    G D C G G D C G

    Tum Se Yeh Raastay Kiun Hongay Juda
    G D C
    Dil Ki Yeh Pukaar Hai Na Hona Khafa
    G D C
    To Phir Kiun Yeh Doooriyaaan
    G D C G
    To Phir Kiu Yeh FaasLay ..
    G D C G

    SAme Chords Will Be Applyed For Da ResT SonG ...

    Hey Guyz ... Itz Ma First Post .. I Hope Em Not Makin' Fun Of Mine

    Please Comment ... Nd Lemme Know Howz It ...
  2. den.keyboardist

    den.keyboardist New Member

    31 Views .. No Rep. Yet :( Buh Why .. ?
  3. noman1

    noman1 New Member

    good work but i think do some correction on it thanks

    keep it up good work(Y)
  4. AshesofDoom

    AshesofDoom New Member

    Correct C

    Bro...i think dere is sum correction neede in C!! try sum oder chrd..insted of C..in verse!!
  5. coffinhead

    coffinhead New Member


    Yaadein chek it out. im singing .. but yea i can also play guitar aswell cousin is playing right now.

    G something, C something. E something and D somethin which looks like
    e 3 ---------- 3 ---------- 3 ---------- 3
    b 3 ---------- 3 ---------- 3 ---------- 3
    g 0 ---------- 0 ---------- 0 ---------- 2
    d 0 ---------- 2 ---------- 2 ---------- 0
    a 2 ---------- 3 ---------- 2 ---------- 0
    E 3 ---------- 0 ---------- 0 ---------- 0

    G---------- ---- C
    Yaaden........ tarpaaye
    G---------- ------------- C
    In ankhon main.. neend na Ayye

    Yeh Mannnnnnnn Tarapta

    Sorry im not really good with names of chords.. Noob obviously First PosT i think or second.
  6. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    Ur G is G
    C is Cadd9
    E is Em7
    and D is Dsus4
  7. coffinhead

    coffinhead New Member

    were the chords straight?
  8. coffinhead

    coffinhead New Member

  9. eddyvohra

    eddyvohra New Member

    wats the strumming pattern>?
  10. Zshan*

    Zshan* New Member

    gud work done
  11. artcellblack

    artcellblack New Member

    hey please tell me the STRUMMING PATTERN of this chords, like . . . "down - up " n so n. please please buddy

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