worst gig ever!!

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    this gig took place about two years ago. it was a at a workshop for students and such, and the organizers requested me and my friends to play a few songs. we decided we'd play a few "acoustic" covers with me on drums and percussion, and two other guys on guitar and keys. now, we didn't really practice much for the gig as it was on short notice; but we've played together a few times before so we thought we can just kinda pull it off. at the function, our timings got delayed a bit, so we got bored and went to have a few drinks. i got too carried away; coming back to the gig drunk as hell. So when it came time to play, i had already finished half a bottle of vodka, and to top it off i hadn't eaten anything during the day; except for coffee and some biscuits, so with an empty stomach, i was mighty high! the song starts and i was just sitting there like an a**hole, playing some beats i thought was relevant to the song that i thought we were playing!! lol i didn't even remember hearing any guitar or keys line, it was all just a blur. guitarist didn't do so well either, too drunk to remember the lyrics and goofed up his rhythms this carried on for 2-3 songs, then the keys player just gave up and stopped the show..... i was still playing passionately with eyes closed. t'was one of the most Epic Fail moments of my life.feel free to share your bad gig moments!
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    You could've done "lip sync" to a pre-recorded stuff ...
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    ohhhh...that's really bad... Didn't anyone said anything to you at the function.? They liked you show or not?
    I also think that you should do the lip-sync at that time to save you reputation...
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    Interesting story. I wonder if anyone from the audience shot this on their camera and posted on youtube ;) Anyway, you have a story to tell through your lifetime.

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