woh lamhe jal chords- tell me strumming pattern

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  1. a#minor

    a#minor The Guitarist

    hello guys chords of woh lamhe are


    can anyone tell me the strumming pattern

  2. ivan ross

    ivan ross New Member

    dude listen to the song carefully u'll get it
  3. me_strings

    me_strings New Member

    hmm... ithnk D D UDUDUD
  4. himanshurjpt

    himanshurjpt New Member

    da same as aadat strummin du'uh
    and m post z actualy for da newbies on dsite lyk me having a hard time to find something relevant
  5. aniketpataskar

    aniketpataskar New Member

    As the first stanza begins the rhyhtm thats used is of allah ke bande...
    No point in explaining the rhythm in terms of strokes coz its easy to guess the strokes muting and unmuting part in that has to be learned by playing with the song oly...

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