"Woh Chehra" - Thakshak

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  1. saaimkhan

    saaimkhan New Member


    I wanted to know if anyone's got hte tabs on this song - it's totally amazing, since its just played on the acoustic. would appreciate a speedy reply, i can't wait to play this song.

  2. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

    dude, are u sure u got the song name right?

    These are the songs in the film...i think...Rang De

    Khamosh Raat
    Boondon Se Baatein
    Dheem Ta Dare
    Jaan Meri
  3. saaimkhan

    saaimkhan New Member


    yes you're right, i've mistaken the song name. it is "khamosh raat". i didn't have the cd cover with me, so its been most of a guessing game with the song names.

    thanks for correcting me, hope you can help me with the tabs.
  4. MARS

    MARS Mars Ji...Finally!!!!!

    Can anybody reply to this...
  5. Natasia

    Natasia ...

  6. MARS

    MARS Mars Ji...Finally!!!!!

    Thanx mate..

    am wondering how i missed that!!! :confused:
  7. deb7sk

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    Tabs for the guitar solo part

    The chords are fine and it was a great job.
    However, could anyone figure out the lead part of this song?

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