willing to join a band as a guitarist in gurgaon

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by anubhavrose, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. anubhavrose

    anubhavrose New Member

    rock n roll,rock ,punk ,metal r my style of music......
    slash nd synester gates influnece my style
  2. ravin chauhan

    ravin chauhan New Member

    nd my style metallica.i want to create a band so tell me wat u play
  3. anubhavrose

    anubhavrose New Member

    yeah ...metallica's music is very rich....they amazes me every time.....how much music they create with guitars and drums is holly
    nd kirk is great............
    i prefer playing lead guitar....
  4. sintu83

    sintu83 New Member

    I am sintu...i would like to join ur band. I am a guitar player from delhi.
  5. anubhavrose

    anubhavrose New Member

    @situ i myself wants to get in some band as the thread says............nd + u r in delhi ....so its nt gona work out...
  6. Stay

    Stay New Member

    its old - most like 2 years and more.. we Required you Urgently.. in Band

    if interested and if still in music email at 'stay.in.real@gmail.com'

    we are located in gurgaon sec 57


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