Why do you hate Brahma?

Discussion in 'IGT Soundtrack - Your Band, Your Gig, Your Music' started by Roadie2Rockstar, May 6, 2005.

  1. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    I see a lot of posts on many indian websites related to indian band history.
    Many of you so called rockers throw curses on india's biggest heavy metal band Brahma. Just for no reason.

    Brahma has been in the circuit for a long time and are still rocking.
    Its they who have given stage to many upcoming bands in the country.
    The 2 eminent members Cyrus and Devraj are consistently organizing a lot or rock concerts and give a chance to many bands to perform along side them.

    Do you people think you hating these guys is justified.

    I know that piss of demon stealer sahil hates them from the bottom of his heart.
    Now many think he is very talented, but trust me playing some power chords and screaming into mike is not rocking the crowd and he hates them cause he feels he is much better than them. He sure is better than them only cause he was born stinking rich and cant do anything besides show off with his flying V.
    Do it like many bands who brahma appreciates. Who have climed the rock n roll fame ladder like brahma the hard way. Im talking about bands like Parikrama, Agni, Scepter, Psyco motor, Kryptos, Xenon etc

    You think its easy to be a rockstar!!
    Give me very clear and good reasons as to why you guys hate brahma.
  2. god_of_thunder

    god_of_thunder Livin After Midnight

    maybe thats why the guy didnt get through the Nokia Launch Pad.. In the end TALENT counts man..
    Why does sahil hate em>? coz their music sucks..
  3. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member

    1st of all I dont hate them from the bottom of my heart simply because I couldnt care less as to what they do. If many think I'm talent thats their problem not mine just like your entitled to your opinion so are other people. Who the **** commissioned you to write my biography anyway? What I think or feel is my prerogative and who let you decide that I think I'm better than them?

    You said "He sure is better than them only cause he was born stinking rich and cant do anything besides show off with his flying V."

    So your tyring to say I'm better than them? And that my flying v is enough to outshine Brahma's musical abilities??

    So accoriding to your theory my display of my money and guitar simply makes me better than the whole of brahma. So by that theory no one needs any musical talent just lots of money and fancy gear to show off. Next time I'll just leave my guitar on stage so that the swooning crowd can drool over it and because apprently I dont need to play. And just for the record you blind twit my guitar isnt a flying V its a local custom made guitar thats shaped like Chuck Schuldiners guitar and not a flying V.

    And you twit all my gear is paid for by me because of my hardwork at my job and not inhereted money.

    And as for hating Brahma I'm appauled at them calling themselfs the 1st death and black metal band when clearly they are not. Dying Embrace was there way before Brahma also brahma's metallica rip off originals fall nowhere in the black metal genre and putting a cheesy keyboard intro doesnt automatically make a song black metal and its ever worse that there isnt a single song in their setlist that falls under that genre. So yes I dislike that fact about them. Also having 2 albums and ply 1 original frmo it every 8 shows is certainly a great feat and something to be proud of.

    Lastly Just for the record bhrama plays power chords and devraj screams into the mic so SHOVE IT!
  4. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member

    @godofthunder - what does this have to do with launchpad?? and u know it was me playing solo and not getting in. This discussion isnt about my talent or lack of it anyway its about Brahma and why everyone hates them.
  5. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member


  6. religionkills

    religionkills New Member

    Who have climed the rock n roll fame ladder like brahma the hard way. Im talking about bands like Parikrama, Agni, Scepter, Psyco motor, Kryptos, Xenon etc--------- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA



    WTF - Many of you so called rockers???????????????

    ur such a chu.te rodie....get a ****in life!
  7. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    Thanks for proving that you hate them, it does'nt change anything. They will still play more gigs then you will ever imagine of. So i dont need to shove it up yours.
  8. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    Hey religion, i have a life man, that does not answer the question put fwd. Why do you hate brahma?

    So if you hate them just put a good reason.

    And yeah if nothing gets thru to you, you can LOL cause i see thats what you do best.
  9. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    This question is put up for all those rockers who dont like brahma, so just put your reasons people and live with it. No ones going to do anything to you. but please make sure you justify the reason as to what do you feel they should be doing instead.

    I have seen a lot of excuses from people, many say they are not good any more and these same guys turn up for all their gigs. So explain yourself if you want to.

    As for people who are wondering why i have put this question.
    Its just that I know how these guys have come up so far, you guys should know how difficult it is organize rock concerts in our country and especially in mumbai.
    Brahma is not only into playing as a band but Cyrus has his own event agency and till sometime back for about 2 years deraj was manager of 360 a times group.
    These guys have also been organizing rock shows creating a platform for upcoming bands. if you remember castrol garage rock was done by 360 the concept was brought up by devraj while he was working with them.

    So rock on.....
  10. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    ummm,... i hate death metal,... that's y i hate em!!!! :p:
  11. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member

    you seem to have a problem understanding english to start with. I said shove it which implies to bugger off or to get a life. Nowhere did I ever ask for any inserting or anyting into my body so start to understand simple english.

    I dont care if Brahma plays 1 gig or 1million gig. To me they are still the same. If they ever rise in my opinion I will be more than happy to admit it but for now I stand by my opinion of the band. And if you just wanted a reason why ppl hate them why are u getting so personal and defensive??
  12. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member

    yes I know about both those things.

    1st organising Brahma playing at all college fests in India is not a big deal. Vijay Nair does it will all his bands. Brahma's events are all aimed at promoting Brahma and to make lots of money. Not for one second will I believe that they are doing this to promote rock or any such bull****. Its not very hard to organise rock shows when your working with times group because times has such facilities at their disposal which make it very easy to get money for their shows. If you noticed atleast 80% or more of the rockshows organized by them are to promote brahma and to make money which is fine by me I dont expect anything else. But dont believe that they are doing it for the good of rock in india. They are doing it for themselfs. Whatever few nice things come with it is just a freebie on the side. So never will I hail them as pioneers of rock gigs. I'll hail them as extremely talented buisness people with great platforms to promote their mediocre band.

    And please note I do not hate them for the reason I've mentioned above I'm just showing u the reality of what u said above whihc was hailing them to be the big doers for the rock scene whihc isnt their motive for doing anything.
  13. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    Hey demonstealer. If i dont understand english, how come you understand me so well. I cant tell for sure if i am getting defensive on this conversation but you sure taking this way to seriously. You hat brahma that's fine with me, there's no argument to that, its your life its your wish.

    But reason yourself well, like Akkyy21 he hates them cause he hates metal so i believe he does not like much of metallica or sep or slayer, thats cool.

    As for brahma events aimed at promoting brahma, without a doubt. Making a lot of money give that a second thought how much money is a lot of money.

    Organizing rock concerts with times is not that easy like it seems to you. To convince such big entity's is really challenging especially if you gonna put brahma as main event.

    Let me put it this way you will have channel V and mtv organising launch pad and rock idol, it suprizes me to see indian rockmaniacs prefer to see rabi and asma as headlining acts for a rock concert.

    What amazes me more is to see the great demonstealers band open for them.

    What if brahma made it big enough to get asma, euphoria and rabi to open for them instead of giving a chance to bands like Claver, Scepter, Psyco motor etc. I am sure not even brahma fans would turn up for the show. So please in whatever way they are promoting rock in this country is good enough. Trust me when i say they did do a show few years back where psyco motor and euporia opened for them, they realised that instead of getting these hindi acts they promote are own boys, now they dont pay them a big deal but they atleast keep them in the scene and keep the faith of good old rock n roll alive. You should know it better how easy or difficult it is for you to organise resurrection and especially now when razz semms to be over, so chill out dude cause i said you can hate them all you want they still big for many people who want to rock n roll all thier life.
  14. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    Uhhh,.,... man,.. roadie,.... i said DEATH METAL,..... metallica doesnt come in it, so i listen to them, other bands u mentioned,... yeah i hate em.
  15. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    Well akkyy21, so you like metallica then you should know that brahma covers metallica the best. but hey!! you still hate them is fine with me.
  16. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member

    this arguement is pointless and wasted


    my band didnt open for asma or anyone..

    I'd be organising huge resurrections if I had the rescources brahma had. Simple.

    I dont like brahma for musical reasons which are my own. You dont agree fine

    end of story. get off my back now.
  17. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    See Demonstealer, thats whta i am saying now who is getting defensive. I am not here to argue with anyone. Its just that i quoted you in my original write-up cause i have read many of your posts on diffrent sites where you have bitched the hell out of brahma. Now again you can hate brahma on whatever grounds you want and for whatever reasons, i am not going to make you change your opinion about them. Neither do i want you to change mine. I know the band is doing good for this country's rock n roll future and i support them. so chill out man and i wont be bothering you.
  18. dharmatma

    dharmatma Banned

    wow..forum fights.
    how much cooler can u guys be.

    ok jokes apart.
    i dont think anyones opinion should matter here..
    i liked the way how roadie specifically mentioned demon stealers name.hmmm...do u have somethin against him..just curious.
    chill dude..everyones entitled to an opinion.
  19. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    woah...jareds acting as a pacifier :eek:: ...schiesse, now ive seen everything <holds the gun to his head and shoots himself)!!

    anyways..i never have heard bhramha...they have never played at any of the rock shows ive attended...so i cant say muich
    But i have seen demonic resurrection...lol..they do live up to their name. ..kick ass energy.
  20. dharmatma

    dharmatma Banned

    hehehe...dennis guess ive matured..i ll be 19 this 20th..hahahahahhaha.

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