who invented guitar.?

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    hi to all,well can anyone tell me :eek:: who invented guitar first.
    i am talking about the first guitar made and played on this world ...any views
    or thoughts please submit.
    i'll love to know that . :think:
  2. jayswami

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  3. death_metal_fan

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    Acoustic guitars in their present form (6 strings and frets) were originally designed in Spain in the 16th century. Electric guitars are a fairly recent innovation in comparison, due to the obvious need for electrical circuitry. The electric guitar was invented by one Adolph Rickenbacker around the 1930s.
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    Thanks for the info both of you@jayswami and DMF Was an interesting read.
  5. jayanth

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    @ Eveyrone :- Nice Article..
  6. death_calls

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    thanks jaya swami :).you too death metal ...its good to know about what you play
    and feel.thanx a lot:)

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