While my guitar gently weeps - Cover

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  1. folkpoet80

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    This is a first attempt recording of the George Harrison classic by me and a friend of mine, Nikhil.
    Nikhil played the picking on his Electric Guitar and I did the strumming on my Acoustic Guitar. Then I recorded the vocals on top of it and added my voice again on chorus stanzas.
    So it was recorded in three turns.
    Here is the song:

    Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. jake_e_lee

    jake_e_lee Banned

    o man..this is one of my fav songs ever..
    i must say uve done good job with the vocals..there are loose ends sure..but this is a really honest effort.
    the guitar parts are a lil sloppy here and there..but its passable.
    keep recording.
    all the best.

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