Which is the best song in the Pakistani Rock Genre...?

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by Sohrab_khan, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member

    AGREED. Call -the God is the best. Wujud is indeed the best in my list and in few others' lists. Very few people have heard this one. Best drop D rythms I ever heard.
    Junoon -the Daddy is also good.
    Otherwise I like all the Jal -the superb's songs in Aadat and Boondh. Aatif -the Thief's (Dozat be upon him) songs find no place in my media players or iPod.
  2. divakar

    divakar New Member

    rock pak

    has paki pop been better tha indipop ?
  3. muhusidg

    muhusidg New Member

    I think top 4 would be

    Khauf, irtaash
    kali ratain, irtaash
    Meri tarhan, mizraab
    Panchi, Mizraab
  4. vj_ali

    vj_ali New Member

    well m in islambad.

    as my opinion 1 junoon 2nd call. coz i had attended all of their concerts.
  5. makarand1989

    makarand1989 New Member

    i wud go for Junoon...n jal
  6. mughees

    mughees New Member

    CALL is doin gr8 nowadaz. they r workin on their new album n they hav ben amazin in concerts
  7. XxeRoxX

    XxeRoxX New Member

    EP and CALL are the best !!!

    Junoon life has been ended after the band broken !!! so NOW I JUST HATE them as INDIVIDUALs !!!!!! (I LOVED THEM LIKE CRAZY :mad: )
  8. AshishRocks

    AshishRocks New Member

    Suno ki main hoon Jawan
  9. suddi

    suddi New Member

    Aadat the nice song..... :)
  10. musiciamaniac

    musiciamaniac New Member

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  11. Snowman19

    Snowman19 New Member

    Quite a few to name, and also depends which era were talking about :)
  12. waqar Ahmed Qureshi

    waqar Ahmed Qureshi New Member

    BAD NEWS for all my friends who love music Pakistani guitarist AMIR ZAKI passed away on 02-06-2017

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