Which guitar should I use LTD or Ibanez

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ywdhfjtu, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. ywdhfjtu

    ywdhfjtu New Member

    Hi people !!

    I wanna buy a new Electric axe and my budget is upto 18K max. I play Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and Indian music....I must tell u dat I have been playin' for last 5 years and own an Ibanez GRG 150....I wanna go for a higher version wid a Floyd Rose and nice tone....Now, m confused whether should I go again for Ibanez or LTD or any other brand....Franckly speaking I' ve never used LTD or ESP....Now, can u suggest me which guitar should I purchase ? If u knw a better brand tell me....Thnx in advance....

  2. metalmonke

    metalmonke New Member

    you can go for a RAT Pro RP-404...its of basswood....dats y its lightweight n comfortable...n it has emg-hz (H-H) pickups...gr8 for a budget of 18-20k

    if u want one wid floyd rose...go for ltd mh-50

    other options can be an epiphone les paul special II, ltd ax-50, ltd f-50, ltd ec-100, greg bennett avion av3 in ur budget...!!!
  3. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    i seriously doubt credibility of people suggesting ESP AX-50..
  4. ywdhfjtu

    ywdhfjtu New Member

    So, which guitar wud u suggest ?
  5. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    your budget is really low for a good guitar.. look out for corts in this range..
  6. metalmonke

    metalmonke New Member

    in his budget.....ax-50 can be one option
  7. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Even the OP can go to Bajaao, search for guitars in that price range, and get a list of what he 'can' buy. ESP LTDs are the worst of the lot at this range.

    Rikky, most of them are like that, sad innit.

    OP, don't buy a FR at this price range. Just don't.

    To help and guide you, read this. It'll keep you from retarded advice from newblets and salespersons.
  8. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    ya i know most low range ESP suck donkey balls but i commented based on my personal experience.. as i have played only AX-50 outta rest..
  9. metalmonke

    metalmonke New Member

    what better can u get in a 18k budget...u dumbass!
  10. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    :yawn: *tired sigh, pulls out old list*

    Greg Bennett Avion series for Les Paul
    Greg Bennett Torino series for SG
    Squier Telecasters for Telecaster (there are also Greg Bennett Telecaster copies, but I haven't read about them yet. Why not check out some harmony-central.com reviews?)
    Yamaha Pacifica 112 for Stratocaster
    Ibanez RG321MH (used) for superstrat (all the 'RG' guitars are generally said to be decent for the price, RG321EX, RG7321, etc.)
    Schecter Omen 6 for superstrat

    (I saw the Schecter Devil SBK and Schecter 006 Deluxe too, but I don't know how good they are. Again, check out the reviews on harmony-central.com, among other sites.)

    With a good tube amp and a good pickup upgrade to accompany it, all of them can do metal (except perhaps the Teles, but I bet that's possible for the ones who are explorers at heart and swappers/tinkerers/upgraders at gear, too).

    @metalmonke - Tsk tsk tsk, dumbass yourself. :grin:

    @TS -
    My personal preference is not to have a whammy bar at all. Sure, it's fun, but only as long as it stays in tune, and it's a real irritant in any guitar for me. But anyway? If the OP wants a usable vibrato bar, he should -
    1. Increase the budget to at least 30~35k
    2. USE THE VIBRATO BAR ON THE GUITAR RIGHT IN THE SHOP (NEVER MIND WHAT THE SHOPKEEPER SAYS) AND DON'T BUY IT IF IT CANNOT STAY IN TUNE TO YOUR PERSONAL LEVEL OF WHAMMY BAR ABUSE. Play it as long and as much as you want, use the vibrato as long and as much as you think you likely will. Test the hell out of it, and if it stands up to it without detuning, you have a gem at a great price. (if you're very, very lucky, you COULD find a good tremolo on a cheap guitar this way). Good luck :p:

    Also, TS should know that
    1. He won't get a very big difference in his sound by upgrading the guitar, as most of the sound is dependent on the amp. Want better sound? Get a good tube amp, hear the difference yourself. Pickups, and all other sound factors come into the picture AFTER a good tube amp.
    2. He won't get a very big difference in his sound (or even playability) by 'upgrading' the guitar to another guitar of this price range - because they're more or less the same at this level. The only difference would be setup (which you could get done to your own guitar) and the piece-to-piece quality difference that exists at this level. You could get anything from a GREAT piece (which can be comparable to much higher priced guitars) to a lemon (which will just be riddled with shit) of the same model at this price range. Doesn't matter what company, doesn't matter what endorsers (of its higher priced guitars) it has. At this price range its all the same.

    People need to grow up and realize they can't get quality without paying for it...
  11. metalmonke

    metalmonke New Member

    @ultrabot90...didn't say 2 u...!!....i wasn't gettin any ideas in my mind wid that budget...so i went to bajaao...n i agree with ur suggestions of guitars in his budget...!!
  12. ywdhfjtu

    ywdhfjtu New Member

    Thnx 4 ur reply, guys !!

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