When you change modes, do you change the root note ?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by AceRoom, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. AceRoom

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    I know I already asked this question but this is different. After seeing the tab for "Flying in a Blue Dream," Satriani plays the same mode with different notes like C lydian and Ab Lydian. When you change modes, do you change the root note as mentioned above or from D Dorian to F Lydian?
  2. zing

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    u change frm D dorian to F lydian - by changing mode u change the entire 'feel' or 'mood' of the tune - by changing root/key u just transpose/shift the same 'feel' to a different pitch
  3. AceRoom

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    How you emphasize the root or the feel of the mode?
  4. zing

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    by playing that note more often, letting it ring, playing it with greater 'attack', starting/ending the melody on that note etc.
  5. AceRoom

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    OK, Thanks
  6. alpha1

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    As far as whatever I have experimented with this issue, I keep the root note same.

    Lets say some prog is being played on C major scale. Like C maj -> A min -> G major -> C major

    I would start by playing in C Ionian (major scale)
    and mebbe shift at a point of time to C Phrygian (which imparts certain spanish music touch)

    Cahnge to C Lydian for a "cool" "spacey" sounds (like Satch n Vai use sometimes) an dswithc back to C Ionian.

    Now if you question is HOW to change from C Ionian to C Lydian or C Phrygian etc ... you need to be aware of the common notes.
    Otherwise you can alos use the chromatics are bridging notes.

    However, somehow, I have not yet mastered the use of chromatics as passing notes. :(
  7. zing

    zing Machine Head

    @ace just to clarify tht i was talkin abt there was changing the mode while keeping the notes the same and changing root/key while keeping the mode the same

    when u change from D dorian to F lydian u r in fact changing both the mode as well as the key but still playing the exact same notes - just changing the emphasised note from D to F - amazing no?

    changing the key is called modulation & is used to create 'freshness' & 'surprise' within a song - 4 this u need to know the 'circle of fifths'

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