Whats the most scariest thing that happened with you?

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by lord_neo, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    There is a creek near to my place where my friends and i used to catch fishes and crabs during summer vacs. Once i found a snake hiding under a leaf ofcourse there was sudden urge to investigate further happens alot when you’re a kid! I started of by throwing pebbles at the snake to see if it was dead. The snake didnt move so i picked up a stick and started poking it with it and then all of a sudden it came alive and pissed off by my constant poking started to come towards me at a great speed...shocked i ran for my life.... the snake did follow me for only like 30 sec or so but scared the hell out of me!

    Afterall who wants a friggen snake after him? :shock:

    what about u?
  2. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    LOL ...

    mine is less comic ... and more ghastly ...
    it was when i must be around 8 yrs old ...

    we had gone to see off some guests at IGI Airport ...
    what happens there is that no Taxis or Autos are allowed inside the ramp ... they can only drop the dudes ... but no one can borad 'em from there ...

    so this Auto was returning from the Ramp ... so my parents asked him for the ride ... the fellow complained that the Police will harass him as it is not allowed ... but since i (and my sis who's even younger than me) didn't feel like walking we jumped into the Auto and it was decided taht the Auto would stop after the Police checkpost where my parents would board ...

    it so happened that the Auto person had no intention of stopping ... he went down the ramp at full speed ... and even crossed the Police post ... and i remember that time there were lotsa cases of Kidnaps being reported in Delhi (i guess even now it continues ;)) ...

    u could say we was really pissed at first which soon coverted to terror ... (b.t.w. if anyone has been to that place ... it used to be a total deserted flat plain land - no population, just outside the airport ... dunno if it is like that now)

    so we began to shout at the fooker who was laughing all the way ... i could easily make out his nefarious scheme ... schit ... u could not believe the horror ...
    anyway i just happen to see a police gypsy (what a rare sight) ... with some cops out smoking ... i mustered all the vocal power and shouted out at 'em ... and almost jumped outta the Auto ... mebbe the Auto dude was scared or something ... he made a mistake of slowing down the auto ... and grabbing the opportunity we just jumped off ... fcuk ... the police dudes soom came running ... i told 'em what happened ... but the Auto walla had scooted away ...

    those Police dudes then took us back to the airport ...

    man it was total harrowing experience ... and the lecture those police dudes gave to our parents ...
  3. nadish

    nadish Active Member

    It was 6th April 2004. I was coming from my friends Birthday, A boy called me from behind, I stoped to see that if he's my relative or.......... Who is he, but as he came close to me he hide his face from a piece of cloth, I knew that something's going to be wrong. He came to me and slapped me :) then he pull out his Pistol and asked me where I'm coming from, I told him as he asked then he snatched my mobile and growl on me "Run away and dont see behind" I did exactly what he said but then after getting a little far from him, I looked back, and Fired a bullet on me, thanx God that bullet didn't hit me or I would be under 6 feets of earth....

    That was the most scariest day and scariest thing that ever happened with me...
  4. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    Patroling cops chasing us at 2.30am,.... we on 2-wheelers,..... cops in a jeep!!!

    Was **** scared, still dont remem wch roads i took, n how we lost them.
  5. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    almost being kidnap...being shot at....OMG and i thought my experince was something!! :shock: :shock:
  6. $cReWdR!veR

    $cReWdR!veR .:: Sweetheart ::.

    i was in 11th std tat time....was comin bac from coll...friends were also comin home....mom wasnt there n my house door was locked...wen mom used to go she used to keep the keys at the neighbours place... so i was knockin on the neighbours house....no one was openin the door so i started knockin it more.....then suddenly the door opened n this guy whacks me on my head wit a cricket bat n flees off......i dint kno wot was happenin...later got to know it was a robber and i had disturbed in his robbery...all of us were stunned....i was taken to the hospital n stuff... coz of tat i yet have a little dent on my head.....one hell of a experience... best part of that was the later part wen everyday some cops used to come wit these huge crime branch files wit so many criminals ke photos.....
  7. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    @neo,, screw,, nadish - ur stories were real cool and thrilling to me!

    @myself - i have no such xperience xept when i go trekking on edgy mountain roads as i have heights fear!also this happened when i was in 9th, we were taken to some bird sanctuary somewhere in mumbai.we were walking and my height that time was 6 feet and at one moment i realized i was standing just 5 centimaters above a some poisonous centipede suspended by a spiderweb with the spider feeding on that insect!it took the hell outta me !:shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked:
  8. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    my mom spoke to me about my marriage......
  9. $cReWdR!veR

    $cReWdR!veR .:: Sweetheart ::.

    hehe.....tats scary... :think:
  10. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    scariest thing
    reading da posts of this thread!!!
    and also chatting with mr scary !! ( no offences man !!!) :p:
  11. guns_n_gore

    guns_n_gore hell raiser

    leaving paradise city(delhi) and comin 2 chennai :mad: :mad: :mad:
  12. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    ^^ u mean rape city?!
  13. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    neo , that really cracked me up !!! hahahah....

    wow , you must have ran the **** out of you !!! :)
  14. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    hahah ... LOL ...

    tahts so true ...

    hey did u put the title banned ... or u really banished? and if so then how his post?
  15. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    mine was a near death accident..
    i was riding my bike when suddenly this guy on a scooter overtook me.
    i put the brakes and slipped..just and just missed a truck which cld have smashed my head in to two...
    i had a lot of wounds and bruises ... :shock:
  16. dlogic

    dlogic Zuitarist

    thats scarier than 'exorcist'

    i remember when i was in 12th....we did this peeping tom thing......late in the evening....me and my gang parked our 2 wheelers some 200 meters away from the girls house....now this girl was a big time slut............. we managed to sneak in to her house's back yard.. :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored:.....it was dark......and the girls mom caught us...and started shouting 'chor chor chor'......and we all rans as if our ass was on fire....her mom started to run after us....we all where hell scared.....we ran to our bikes and scooters....and to add to my scare my scooter wont start and her mom running towards us....and then my friend cam to my rescue (and to his rescue as well cuz he was with me on my scooter)......finally we could start it ....and we all went where ever we could find a way.

    even though me and my friends laugh at it.....but for that few moments i was scared as hell.
  17. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    LOL ...

    kidhatr liya yeh sab? ... in delhi ?
  18. dlogic

    dlogic Zuitarist

    ^^^nope in kanpur

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