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    Hello guys,

    I am Vimal Rastogi, a programmer from Delhi. I enjoy sufi music and certain American bands, smoking my hookah while studying, working, drinking sometimes and hanging out with my mates.

    I bought my first guitar back in 2005 I think and immediately joined classes with a buddy of mine, and continued for 6 months. During that time, I learned basic leading, and was to start on chords, but life presented me with situations due to which I couldn't continue the classes. I must say that I could have just learned on my own from there but I got distracted and stopped practicing altogether, resulting in losing whatever skill I had picked up at the time. I should also mention that I wasn't too fond of the guitar I had at the time. It was an F-cut acoustic guitar and over time I found out that the music it produced lacked the depth and resonance of a round hole acoustic, and that did play a part in me stopping.

    I always regretted not continuing learning it and then bought another guitar sometime last year. This time I got a Gb&a, round hole acoustic for Rs 4000 and then again, didn't put much effort in learning it. My regret for not having learnt something I really really want to has been at an all time high for some time though and I really want to learn it now. For the past few weeks, I have been going through some chromatic exercises, to stretch my fingers and what not, but I have misplaced the notebook in which I had noted down the notes for leads that I learnt during the time I took classes, and can't remember most of them.

    I really don't want to take formal classes for some reason and just want to go about learning it on my own, is that a good idea?

    I am here just for help, and to contribute in whatever way I can. I should take this opportunity to ask if anyone can direct me to a source where I can get some basic leads for bollywood music? Because I reckon it will take me some time before I move onto chords.

    Sorry for the essay. Thanks for reading, and hey all! ^-^
  2. slash0211

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    yeah.. no idea is bad.. coz i myself learnt on my own.. though it took a long way.. now i feel i should have taken formal training, or some kinda classes in the beginning, jus to realize i dind't have to discover all those things about guitar which were already there.. and i could have spent time more on using those techniques..

    What you can do to start with, start playing few open chords and try to learn basic strummingpatterns , this you will abundantly online, and how to work out the lead of songs, will follow gradually, while you are playing chords,

    and in case you think you need classes in the beginning , or any other kinda help, you can reach me.. :::

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    Yes and No...
    Sometimes a having a teacher makes the subject monotonous(even if he is good)
    Cause you are merely doing as he wants to and not 'exploring'
    but then again i've been playing for ten years and didnt take any coaching
    and there are ppl who are better than me with just three years coaching
    also once you learn something the wrong way it is very diff to *Unlearn* it

    go for coaching for a month
    also dont go for 'bollywood tunes' yet
    first chromatics then scales then chords then tunes

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