What is this Scale called.

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    I was figuring out this song Going Down played Live by G3. The song is in the key of C Minor. When the solo starts, Vai starts off with a traditional CMinor Pentatonic and remains there with additional notes of the natural Scale. Then starts the Eric Johnson's solo. Figured out that beautiful sounding repeating pattern. It goes like

    E bend to F, F, G, A#, C, E and then back.

    the scale is like E F G A# C E. Some pentatonic scale. It plays notes out of the key of C Minor which goes like C, D, Eb, F, G, G#, A#, C. Infact he starts with the note E with half step bend and return to F which gives an Indian touch. No clue as what this scale is. Moreover, the E note is a major third to C which makes it major sounding as opposed to the minor sounding key. Any clues. Help me plzzz....
  2. alpha1

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    Eric Johnson plays some marvellous scale patterns.

    Can you tell me where the thing starts (time).
    b.t.w. I got Time
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    Umm..I can explain it in terms of an arpeggio I think rather than a scale...hes playing a E maj/min6 type run and adding in pentatonic notes from it..I think hes playing around the chord rather than thinking of it scale wise.
  4. abhijitnath

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    OK got it. No Western name scale, but its similar to raag Charukeshi...major scale with minor 6th and 7th. Since he does that E to F bend, possibly a major against minor sound playing the maj/min6th chord that I mentioned.
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    I pretty much agree....and have found it to be a better approach personally.
  6. abhijitnath

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    Yup...it requires you to think a lot more about what you're playing. For those on the forum who're not into jazz but want to explore this style of playing, the Marty Friedman instructional video explains it in a lot of detail.
  7. alpha1

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    But somehow, it doesnt fit the convetnional bluesy style of music. b.t.w. Marty also says that he doesnt like the blues in that VDO.

    Ronnie, dont work yourself to death on what that friggin' scale is called.
    I suggest you do this excercise:

    Take up any mode.
    remove the 2nd and 6th note from them.

    you will get a very strong sounding pentatonic from each of 'em.
    U can sharpen or flatten the seventh (of the mode) or fifth note of the petatonic to give it a meaner character.

    Well it aint necessary that all of 'em have a name ;)

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