What Is So Great About Jal And Atif And Ali Zafar?!

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by R@hGuZaR, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. R@hGuZaR


    what in the world is good about atif , jal and ali zafar. i agree that they have come out with some original music but wht abt other bands like ep, aaroh, mekaal hassan band? atif, jal and ali zafar are only popular cuz girls get all whoopti-doo over their songs cuz their songs r the only ones girls can understand. as for the guys, they like em cuz galz like em, i dont think i have to explain that.
  2. DesiPride143

    DesiPride143 BEHAVE!

    i don't know about ali zafar cause i have never heard of his music but dude, jal and atif's music is good, i don't know where you got the idea that just because gurls like their music because of that us guyz like it too. but dude, trust me, when it comes to music i know what's good and what's not and i can say atif and jal they rock........
  3. Venus

    Venus New Member

    @ R@hguzar: ummmmmmm ur treading on very dangerous territory there mate.....i wudn't go so far as to say gals don't understand sum songs and get "whoopti-doo"..............
  4. R@hGuZaR


    i get what u ppl r saying but u c, one of u is in boston, one of u is in london, so u dont have any idea how over rated they r here in lahore
  5. Venus

    Venus New Member

    Point taken
  6. lucku

    lucku New Member

    thnx every body for post the tab of galsunja
    but i want to ask that these chords which you have posted to me are the baar chord of plain chords

    AALLII New Member

    Dil haray and lamhay are the best songs by Jal. Listen to the giutar in it . NICE.
  8. DesiPride143

    DesiPride143 BEHAVE!

    ^^^u forgot "Aadat" that is one of the best
  9. DesiPride143

    DesiPride143 BEHAVE!

    and @Rahguzar, yes i would have to say that ali zafar sux...i was listeining to his songs and i think, they are nothing but crap,,u know i can probably compose better songs than him
  10. kHuMi

    kHuMi New Member

    loooolz @ rahguzar, come on yar, u r saying k atif n jal etc r only populer bcoz gals like them
    come on, u hurt me yar, atif is one of the best voclest pakistan has ever produeced n this is also aclaiamd all over the world, he is now generation heart throb so naturally gals do attracted towards him, but it doesn't means k he is popular for this reason
  11. Shanmukh

    Shanmukh New Member

    hey.. its not like that...

    guys also like the songs composed by them... all are great composer..

    if u heard Ali Zafar album its all inspiring and thought provoking..
    if u listen all the aatif and jal creation, it describe the feelings of the hearts and give massage of love...
  12. haunting

    haunting sully

    teri yaad by jal has also got some good guitaring.
  13. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    Jal and atif are good but so are other bands like Call,Aaroh,Raeth....

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