What is F# doing in this Am song

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  1. rahul_agarwal_1

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    Hey all you music champs,

    I got this piece of tabs from somewhere on internet.. the song is from "The wall" "Is there anybody out there" by Pink Floyd... All chords suggest that scale of the song is Am but when I look at this third bar, I get confused..Theory says that Am has no sharp/ no flat then howcome you have a F# in this song

    Am Am/F Am/F# Am/F

    Am Am/D Am/C Am/B Am
  2. Harsh Kumar

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    even i got confused by this theory in the beginning,

    but all i can say is that sometimes there are notes that in scale but dont sound good, and sometimes there are notes that are offscale but sound good!

    This seems to be the latter!

    Going all theoretical,
    Am parallelle is C which has no sharps or flats as mentioned,
    but sometimes when we a chord is hit, then if you play a not just a semitone high or low than that note even if it is the scale will sound bad!

    Dont play notes just at the distance of a semitone from the notes that are there in the chord@!
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Dont play notes just at the distance of a semitone from the notes that are there in the chord@!

    Actually I think even that rule can be broken, and IS broken pretty frequently in jazz style. It gives an unresolved, tension filled sound.
  4. rahul_agarwal_1

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    Hey what is this rule of semitone and chords.. Can you please shed more light on it.. is there any link where such rules are mentioned.. though I understood it well that all rules are meant to be broken but it is still good to know..
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    Theory Basics


    Wer from can i get those theories ?

    Any dedicated site for that ?
  6. rahul_agarwal_1

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    Try 8notes.com.. wonderful site for basic theory..
  7. aritram1

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  8. Harsh Kumar

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    Dude, it's not broken! Listen carefully!

    I didnt write properly. You cannot use "notes at a distance of a semitone" as stopping or changing notes!

    You CAN use them as passing notes. In jazz style, although the blues scales include a lot of notes that are just a semitone apart, but they are not used as stopping or progressing notes.

    They are only used as passing notes!
    Just play them a lil fast and you are good to go!

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