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  1. Evo Guy 911

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    Hi. ppl I need some help. I got into guitar playing about a year back, and I've been playing an acoustic guitar till now. I think now is the time to upgrade to an electric guitar. For that purpose, I went to a local music store, and saw some electrics. Man therez a whole new world of electro-physics in them. From head to connector jack, I couldn't figure out whats what, and what does what. Now I want u big guyz out there to explain everything there is to know about electric guitars. Attach pictures if u can. Plz explain the tricks and methods as well. Thanks.
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  3. Evo Guy 911

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    Thanks very much man! Any one else got something?? Plz put it up here. Plz explain the bridge in detail. It looks pretty disturbing at first sight.
  4. Evo Guy 911

    Evo Guy 911 Banned

    Dude this article was helpful, but not much detail. It just brushed past the fine details of the electric guitars. I need real solid info on the subject. I am quite good with acoustic, but a complete newbie to electric guitar. Plz help me out. Adios
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    The Basic electric consists of Pickups for the sound - either a Humbucker or a Single coil. Humbuckers generally have higher output and are less noisy as they are hum canceling. Single coils are usually low output and do not cancel hum. Humbuckers are used generally for high gain situations (Rock,metal) and singles are used for clean and low gain(blues,classic rock) . But there's no rule you should do just that.

    There are generally two types of tremolo bridges - the classic one way tremolo as in a strat and the Floyd style locking bridge (two way)
    Strat type bridges just go down and do not stay in tune tha easily when used. Generlly the tuning gets screwed up. Floyds stay in tune no matter what because the strings are locked at the nut and the bridge.

    The rest of the electronis is just volume control and tone control.

    This is brief but something to get u started.
  6. alpha1

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    No one can explain you electric guitar to your satisfcation.

    You need to holk one in your hands and play.
    And then ask people around you.
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  7. Evo Guy 911

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    I think alpha here has got a point. Thanks man.

    @sridhar11: Dude i have already mentioned 3 times tht I dont know shit about electric guitars. Never held one since last couple o days. And ur telling me abt Strats n Floyds. Look, im used to acoustic guitars. Compare an acoustic guitar bridge, and an electric guitar bridge, and u'll get my point better. Whats with those so many screws & stuff? Wasnt a simple bridge fit for it? There was some screwing stuff at the nut too. I know enough about humbuckers & pups (Wiki). Anyhow I'll try to follow Alpha's advice. Meanwhile u ppl can keep on the feedback. Peace.
  8. sridhar11_2

    sridhar11_2 Instrumental guitarist

    I dont get waht you're saying. An electric has screws to hold all the parts together. How different is it from an acoustic?? You just have to know that an elctric is not a resonatig hollow body buta solid body with elctronics hidden under the pickgaurd. The neck is'nt different. The screws in the neck are from the Floyd Rose Bridge system (in some electrics)
    Acoustic bridges are to hold the strings in one pace and are ot made of metal. Electric bridges are made of metal and can be hardtail (non moving) or tremolo (moving up or down) meaning it can increse or decrease the pitch of the guitar by the movement of the bar.
  9. alpha1

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    Ah well that point can be explained.

    See there are two types of bridges:
    1. Fixed bridge
    2. Floating bridge (I hope I got the term right)

    Fixed bridge is just like your normal acsoutic bridge. Usually all th eelaborate arrangement of nuts n screws is required to give it good tone + intonation. Usually electrics are played all over.
    That is lower as well as higher up the neck.

    So intonation matters.

    Floating can be of two type: Locking or non-locking.

    Non Locking tremolos (or bridges, more correctly) are the ones u noramlly see on Stratocasters etc.
    They allow you to change the pitch of the note, by chacngin the string tension. However, this causes slight change in tuning.

    Locking bridge allow you to do the same, but since it locks the strings, your guitar wont go outta tune.
  10. alpha1

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  11. Evo Guy 911

    Evo Guy 911 Banned

    ^^ This was better. Another thing. how do we put in the strings in an electric? There were some holes at the back of the guitar right beneath the bridge. What r those for? Also cud u plz show some pics of Floyd Rose bridges/guitars or Strat guitars? Also Les Pauls too. I've heard this word quite a lot. Thanks 4 the help so far.
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    Hey it never hurts to follow this for a change:
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    LOLZ @ alpha: Dude I asked u ppl to tell everything that can be told abt a guitar. But the human race is too dumb to understand a direct statement. THATS why I live on Mars! And I see tht ur total posts till now are 1163. Provided u charge $5 per post, I think u wud be quite a "rich son of a b.it.ch" by now!!! :RollLol:
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    :RollLol: :RollLol: :RollLol: :RollLol: Man u rock! Really! I totally forgot to search the internet. Too addicted to IGT, i suppose. Thanks for the tip btw. Reps 4 ya
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  17. Evo Guy 911

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    ^^^ I hope.... Lets see it too.
  18. Evo Guy 911

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    Yaar it was toooo basic. Anyhow i have found out quite a lot of stuff from the pointers in this thread. Thanks everybody.
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    Hey guys.. I'm a newbie here so, please help me out. I'm about to order a PRS copy from Tulsi with fixed bridge. I wanted to know whether it's possible to upgrade to a floyd rose later on.
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