What if life has everything?

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    What if life has everything, you ever imagine.
    What if life tells u everything,before u imagine.

    I see people changing the definition of life.
    Running with time just to save their own ass.
    Staying in a fear with lots of question in mind.
    Trying to compete with time,to stay king.

    I look at them, and wonder everytime
    Its baseless run to achieve nothing.
    I am happy i am not one of them
    but, i wish people could see in them.

    When it gets over people realize the truth
    But for most,
    time has spent already when thy do.

    Its a life, one life make it with smile.
    Nothing matters other than her smile.
    Life has everything, you ever imagine.
    But it is quiet, So u can imagine.
  2. good attempt ...repped !

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