What genres of music is the ibanez rg350dx suitable for?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by rathuratnavel, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. rathuratnavel

    rathuratnavel New Member

    so i was thinking of getting the rg350dx, but all i hear about it is that its a hardcore metal guitar and im not too much into metal at all.. the music i play is mainly classic rock and pop- cream, the doors, the who, the beatles etc. and a few modern altern and pop/rock bands like oasis and coldplay.. so would this guitar be fine for me?
  2. flood

    flood New Member

    no. in fact, i'd say an ibanez is wrong for you on the whole. they're great for modern music and self-indulgence (good necks for herogiri).

    from the stuff you've listed, you'd be better off with a vintage humbucker equipped guitar. something like a les paul, but please avoid all the descriptions of "hot" and "overwound" pickups - that's exactly what you dont want.

    there are a bunch of good les paul budget copies on the market; i've been told that epiphone is NOT one of them. unfortunately, i don't know any brands available in india. perhaps somebody else could chime in here.

    apparently parkers are REALLY versatile too, but even the chinese ones are quite pricey, don't know if they sound right either.

    AFTERTHOUGHT: you might want to look into hollowbodies/semiacoutics too, since you aren't going to use too much distortion with that kind of music. i think these might fit your needs better than solidbodies. look at ES335 copies. anyone have any experience with the epiphone dot? even if the rest of the axe is fine, you will have to get the pickups changed on that thing. stock epi pickups suck donkey dick.
  3. rathuratnavel

    rathuratnavel New Member

    yeah thanks man that was exactly what i was looking for.. so i should stay away from the ibanez's eh.. and as for a decent les paul copy, i've been looking for one for about 6 months now.. the greg bennetts are quite ok, but the only av3 i could find in chennai wasnt too impressive looks wise, so i changed my mind about it.. and i know that the squiers are shitty, but would a deluxe squier with duncan design single coil pickups work for me? although i would prefer at least one humbucker... hmmm.. opinions please? or anything about guitars that sound like a les paul.. other than the sg that is..
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    i don't think a strat will really give you what you're looking for tonewise. the deluxe series is definitely better quality than the affinity and bullet series, please avoid those like the black plague. perhaps cort makes a nice paula copy?

    like i said, take a look at hollowbodies, at least 3 guitar sounds from the bands you named have used them for a defining guitar sound (noel gallagher, the beatles, clapton famously played a 335 on "crossroads"). so definitely consider an epiphone dot with a pup upgrade at some point... you might just find your answer there. enjoy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUpc0YNkkJ0

    what amp do you play?
  5. theghost

    theghost New Member

    perhaps a tele? I read some very good reviews about the tele affinity series.
  6. rathuratnavel

    rathuratnavel New Member

    @flood - you're right about the hollow body guitars.. definitely the tone i'm looking for, but finding a decent one is turning out to be a problem.. not too many here in chennai. would have loved to get my hands on an epiphone. And this will be my first electric guitar so i dont have an amp yet
    and you wont believe this but i was looking at that exact same video a few days ago!! :D
    @theghost - hmm.. i've been told by many to avoid the lower end squiers at all costs.. so how sure are you about the quality of the teles?
  7. theghost

    theghost New Member

    The affinity series is a hit or miss :)
    My friend has a affinity strat which plays much better than my squier standard.Make sure u play the guitar before buying.
    I was talking about affinity tele special.The reviews r 5stars also there r lots of videos on youtube. check it out!
  8. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    Although the bullet and affinity series are not regarded as worthy, the affinity tele does raise some voice of appreciations.

    You should check out this video just to get a feet of the affinity tele -


    If you're into the kind of music that you mentioned in first post, this one might just fit the bill for you, although the epiphone dot is a good piece too. But you can find affinity tele easier than dot. It's available @ bajaoo.com too.

  9. flood

    flood New Member

    check out the greg bennett es335 clones too, i don't think they can be inferior to epiphones as such. i wonder if furtados stocks the dot... probably not, because of the low demand. importing from the states an option for you? if it is, i'd jump on it.

    i think the tele is a bad match because its not quite the tone match... it has a certain ice-pick attack and bite to it, the tele is traditionally a bright guitar. although it is versatile and i love teles to death, i think it lacks the certain... "open" fatness of a hollowbody. i really can't describe what i'm trying to say here too well, i think.

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