what exactly are the telecasters and the stratocasters

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    what exactly are the telecasters and the stratocasters? how are they different from normal electric? (sound, construction etc)
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    can someone move this thread over to the guitar gear forum its one of the reasons why you didn't get a response.

    Telecaster and Stratocaster are two electric guitar models made by the Fender Corporation under the brand name of Fender. They are electric guitars and their sound and construction are more superior than about 90% of guitars out there (imo). It should be noted that these two guitars as well as the Gibson LP are also the three most copied guitar models in the world. So if you see a non-Fender Strat it is not the original Stratocaster just some B-grade or sometimes even worse grade manufacturer just copying the design.

    It should be noted that Fender builds these guitars in six different degrees of quality and price, from most expensive and best to worst in order:
    1. Custom Shop. Make either custom guitars co-designed by artists. These would be your real artists not the twats you find on the charts so we're talking players like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Mark Knopfler etc. They also release custom made Stratocasters for people who either want a custom design or a guitar specification and standard that dates back to the earlier Fender years (called Time Machine) where the guitars where much much better. These guitars can retail anywhere from more than £1,000 to easily over £4,000 for the Time Machine models.
    2. American. Known as the Fender USA Standard and is basically the staple rock guitar for many recording artists and gig players in the world. This is basically what the professional would use and is why it costs from £750 onwards. Some of the models that use better than standard components are labelled as the Deluxe models.
    3. Highway 1. Built in Fender's California factory in Corona, it is released under the "Highway-1" brand name and is in essence a modern lighter version of the Fender USA Stratocaster. Some of the parts are original USA standard the rest are under license replacements. These cost around £450-550 and were recently introduced.
    4. Japanese. This is an interesting setup that Fender have, it is much more superior than the Mexican models and are on par with the Highway-1 versions, perhaps better. They have been in existance since the mid-80s and some of the early budget Squires that are rubbish in comparison to the Japanese models were actually made in Japan (so these Squires are very expensive but basically cheap Jap Strats which are excellent). Another point of interest is that Fender Japan were chosen to construct Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain's Fender JagStang and not Fender USA which is the normal process. Maybe someone can clear that up because I don't know what that happened. Retails around in the UK a clip higher than the Highway-1 at £500-650 mostly due to these having to be imported so there really isn't a market for these guitars here.
    5. Mexican. A much better version than the Squire but not as good as the US versions. This is also built under license so the original US parts cannot be used. Costs around £350-450 and known as the Fender Standard.
    6. Korean. built under license in Korea and are known as the Fender Squire this is a budget model costing around £90-150

    EDIT: Actually once i wrote this and posted it I would have to switch the Highway-1 and Japan models around so making the six as:
    1.Custom Shop, USA.
    2.American, USA.
    3.Japanese, Japan.
    4.Highway-1, Corona, California, USA.
    5.Mexican, Mexico.
    6.Squire, South Korea.
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    how does a ibanez compare to one of those mentioned above
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    Good info, Rabbi. Added good rep!
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    Ibanez is a different manufacturer. So they have their own guitar models.

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