What does A(onE), D(onF#) and E(onG#) mean?

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  1. mudgalbharat

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    What does A(onE), D(onF#) and E(onG#) mean?



    Example Tablature for Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

    A E(onG#)

    F#m A(onE) D(onF#) E7sus4E7
  2. rabi_sultan

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    i'm guessing its some form of slash chord or inversed chord
  3. mudgalbharat

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    as in ? . . .
  4. rabi_sultan

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    slash chord / inversion chords are basically a chord played on an alternative bass note.

    so in the case of C major when you play that your playing also the bass note of C (as in the third fret of the 5th string) which is the lowest note because you don't play the 6th string.

    However if you were to play the 6th string open ontop of the C major then your new bass note is now E.

    In which case you are playing C major with a inversed bass note of E (1st inversion - to learn more on inversions run a search here i think it was me or someone else who typed up a lot on it)
  5. Rey1970

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    its a inversion major chord you might have seen it before E/G# It's constructed from parallel third dyads(2 note chords)derived from larger major and 7th chords.Most of the time musicans use it for what the call a "passing chord or tone" it's fitted in between some of the major chords, gets a 1 or 2 beat according to the musican "taste". Hope that helps.
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  6. ambush

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    just search for the chord diagrams on the net
    its much easier this way
  7. shak

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    right you are rabbi ... i think we need a tut on slash chords here at IGT... who dares? .. not me cuz i aint that good.
  8. rabi_sultan

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    lol i can't be bothered to type one up :p:

    basically in essence its what i said, an alternative bass note except there are certain relationships based on the scale that have to be considered.
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  10. rabi_sultan

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    lol gotta love it when someone shamelesy plugs their own work :)
  11. bob-bobby

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    u are impossible rabs , on sharukh's posts - i was just tryin to make a tutorial on slash chords in tutorial forum ..... def for others also to refer ...

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