What are monitors & how do they help while performingg

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    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    wut r these monitors????

    h0w do they help while performing??

    enlighten me plz..........:grin:
  2. ssslayer

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    monitors do exacltly what their name suggest -

    they allow u to monitor the sound coming from your instrument vis-a-vis sound going to the PA system ...

    usually what happens is taht the sound from the Drums directly go to the mics ... then to mixer n PA ...
    sound from the guitar goes to amps to speakers + monitors to the mics to the mixer n finally to PA

    so u require a monitor to monitor what u are playing ... coz the drum makes a hgell lotsa sound ...

    for drummer he need to hear what the guitar or bassist is playing ...
  3. ronnieanand

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    Monitors are speakers where you actually hear the balanced level of your band. This helps you in adjusting patch volumes and even help you in syncing with the band.
  4. dharmatma

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    sometimes onstage monitors can be a pain in the arse.causing feedback and stuff.

    but yea..it does help u to set up on stage..and "monitor" ur sound on stage.

    if u dont like ur sound onstage...then rest assured its crap off stage.heh.

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    thnx for info's..............
  6. debankan

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    A live performance depends gresatly on the moniters. Sometimes the mopniters do not reflect what the main speakers are playing due to some error of the soundman. That can be disastrous!!
  7. rocking_devil

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    wow thanx for the info......so how much do these monitors cost in india??

    @lefty - thanx for creating da thread.......:grin:
  8. ronnieanand

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    Any powerful speaker cabinet which can take up massive loads can be your monitor. Strangers sell some monitors but dont know about the quality and price.
  9. rocking_devil

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    ok thanx will check up with furtados!
  10. sayanakaharry

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    monitors are usually specially made and face diagonally upwards for convenience of the standing performer. stragner makes decent monitors.
  11. rocking_devil

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    hmmmm......i suppose we need monitors only for band baaja and jammings!
  12. ronnieanand

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    There's nothing special about a monitor except it's power handling.
    Our hearing is best when the music in thrown to your head's hight. The monitor is kept in front of the stage and if they made is stand vertical to the singer's height, then the band gets hidden behind the speakers. That's the reason they keep it slanted. Stand in front of it and observe the slant and you will see it kinda focusses on your face. That's the main idea. There's nothing different about it from inside.
  13. sayanakaharry

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    exactly what i meant, but u said it way better. thanx man.
  14. ronnieanand

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    U'r welcome dude.
  15. jekyll

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    One more reason they are slanted to face the people is because the tone from the speakers change as u move away from the center line - in fact the treble component decreases if u do so.
  16. sridhar11_2

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