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    Hi all!

    Getting a bit lost on your forum so i thought I'd just post. I've been tramping round with my acoustic guitar for about 10 years, picking it up, putting it down, forgetting it, loosing it, loosing interest and never really getting anywhere...and not really enjoying it either.

    About a year ago my guitar spent so long in the tropics it's neck got warped which made for some really interesting 'bung' notes and twangs.

    I was about to leave her behind when a friend of mine re-tuned it in DADAAD (yes that's two A's in a row but my third string from the bottom is so warped it makes it's own unique sound) AND I LOVED IT! My guitar has never sounded so amazing!

    So i had fun with that for awhile, messing about, making stuff up and not really thinking about it. Then i got bored and the guitar sat on the floor for months.

    About a week ago I was having a play and decided to lay her on my lap instead of holding her up and it was like having a musical epiphany! So I've been messing about, finger picking and sliding (using a ciggarette lighter, cos i couldn;t find anything else) and it's been awesome fun. I mentioned this to a friend and she said 'hmmm kinda sounds like your playing Indian slide guitar'....so i looked up some YouTubes and i think this is what me and my guitar are definately interested in playing!

    So like i said, Im a bit lost on your forum cos i don;t reallly know what Im talking about, I've been trolling through the beginner posts but just getting confused. If anyone can direct me to some information that might help me understand what I'm trying to do, that would be excellent.

    Thanks Heaps!!

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