Western Modes Versus Caranatic Ragam & Hindusthani Thaat - A review

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  1. SATHYA167

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    I was going through the topic on western modes in guitar. Modes are quite important for playing scales and melodies.

    Modes use all the whole notes namely C D E F G A B. It does not use 'sharp' and 'flat' notes.

    As the interval between E & F and B & C are different between other consecutive notes, different ragas emerge.

    You can see the same in the attached file and understand how different moods are created by changing the modes.

    I thought of sharing this with you.....................

    Hope this will be interesting for you................ Sathya

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  2. vs.suresh

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    Nice Sathya... But this is at very high level...

    Keep posting..
  3. SATHYA167

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    Thanks Suresh. Modes are very essential for those practising scales. I intend to go further in this topic, but I will be exploring more on western side leaving the ragas / thaats at this level............ Sathya

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