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  1. nandy0894

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    in this whole damn galaxy
    i wander like some one who's crazy
    people call me a freak
    even when out of irritation i shriek
    when silent..they call me meek
    a little love..a little care is all that i seek
    now that everything is at its peak
    i am still riding strong..i ain't weak
    so stop calling me a freak
    while u solve my mystery..
    i'll be creating history..
    i don't need to make a portfolio of my actions, its the job of nerds..
    just grip your seat belts tight around you..when i let my actions speak louder than em words...
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  2. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Wah wah - Nande my child, your all grown up all of a sudden ... :)
  3. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    hahaha.. :D thank you thank you.. ^_^

    ( P.S...its nandy..wid a "y" .. :p )
  4. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Superb... mast lines hai...
  5. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    thanks a lot.. :D
  6. ok..!! Now tht i kn ur seventeen .. so will change my tone... everytime u are in process of wirting (have wirtten some lines) think for a second ..what u really want to say manu.... i knw i knw sometimes u really dont knw what to say and poetry is just the reflect of the unsaid ... still just like every intelligent creation its beautiful if the purpose is clear in your mind
    I feel the poem was confused cause the poetess was confused .... hope u will give some more time for the choice of words and expressions next time ( its a request :) )
  7. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    lol yes i indeed was confused.. :p

    and ill surely try to be more focussed and exact in my next one.. :) thank you .. :)

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