Warming Note on a Snowy Day

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    Merry Christmas Guys,
    This songs about "Missing Someone"
    Sing it Real Slowly, Very Emotional Song

    Its a Heavy Snowy Day,
    I wish you were Here,
    All i wanted is to wish you a "Merry Christmas"

    Youre very Far Away,
    Hope your Happy where you Stay,
    We have not been in touch for years now

    All i have is Sweet Memories,
    For the Time we have been Together,
    I really miss you from the bottom of my Heart..

    The Winds Blowing Fast,
    The Stars are Twinkling Bright,
    Hope that they could Deliver, my Message to you..

    I still have a Picture Of You and Me,
    Sitting under the Xmas Tree,
    Ohh i still wonder how can time past so Fast

    Sending a Card,
    To your Old Address,
    Hope that you recieve it Someday,
    Coz all i want is to wish you a "Merry Christmas"

    Merry Christmas My Dear Friend

    Neil Dsouza

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