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    Its kinda dark..but short enough, so give ot a read and comment!

    Who thought this day would be
    the day death danced naked in the streets.

    The night is creepy at its best,
    darkness engulfes every spirit,
    roadside pharaohs sleep in gunny tombs.
    And the shattering silence of peace,
    demolishes every noise like razing bombs.

    The numbness follows every war,
    that rages in these lands;
    Mindless monsters playing endless games,
    lives lay spent in their hands.

    The race for destruction sees its way through,
    until no boundaries remain;
    lands quenched with blood, tripped with mines.
    Man-made meteors falling from heaven's gates,
    and impaled figures lined across to go inside.
    Soon to live another life, play bigger wars,
    fight for freedom and live in the stars.
  2. i liked it
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    thanks monnie, u're the 1....

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