War Is War Nothing More

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    Okay here it is .. am still composing the music for this but wanna share this with you guyz .. comments are welcome.

    War is War; nothing more

    Honour marched courageous hearts
    through our city streets.
    Joyous youth corrupt, defiled,
    by the touch of lethal steel.
    Boys made men we were sent back then,
    to be our lands elite.
    To join in battle on foreign soil.
    To be the chosen few.
    War is War; nothing more.

    Violent noise and beating rain,
    Hot metal screams, torn flesh steams.
    Blood, mud, fear, pain;

    War is War; nothing more.

    By war's swift touch a life lays broken,
    pleading eyes leave nothing unspoken.
    A clutching hand slowly loosens
    and when Death shrieks its triumph,
    a boy man answers.

    War is War; nothing more.

    Some returned, the "Lucky Ones",
    to safety, friends, to make amends,
    to dull the pain - to feel the same.
    To give mother's the lie to light pride's flame.
    "He died for us all, no fear - no pain."
    Though its we saw the truth,
    and its we know the shame.

    War is War; nothing more.

    A dream, a shadow in night's soft sounds
    strips Morpheus' cloak and a cry resounds.
    He leaps awake to a call half heard,
    repelling fear with his muttered words.
    "A dream - not real, I'm safe; I'm home."

    War is War; nothing more.

    Were the lessons learned?
    The price was paid.
    The marches marched
    and the wreaths all laid.
    You speak of honour and you speak of glory,
    you speak of courage when you tell our story,
    but when the count is in, and the costs are weighed;
    Its never been worth the price we've paid.
    Wheels within wheels; will you still doubt the sin,
    when the web at last breaks and the debts are called in?

    War is war; is war - is war. Nothing more.
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    hmmmm....i would just wait for this to b composd & played now...so tht i can listn...sounds good...spcly the last para....:beer:
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    Great title great poem

    Hey I need time to appreciate good poems (that's why the 8 min).Its a good poem.Are you going to post the music for this too or are you gonna record it?
    The last stanza is really good...
    "Wheels within wheels; will you still doubt the sin,
    when the web at last breaks and the debts are called in?"
    Great work!!!HOw do you come up with such stuff??!!
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    Moosa Budd u also write stuff like this?? Actually i followed ur posting and reached here. I had decided not to be here yesterday. Interesting to see u write hind/urdu/english. This should be good dude and i too wait for this wrapped in music :-D keep us posted.

    btw i'd need several hours and interpretation to even remotely understand this. :( Two Marley songs came to mind when i started reading. Buffalo Soldier and 'War'. But they are simpler, rgds
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  7. SG1

    SG1 &quot;Brown Jesus&quot;

    Garima : thankx for the reps.. yea am still working on it .. will let you know

    Not-Neo : thankx for chking it out man ... its just how things are man gotta write what one looks at.

    Jozzy : thankx duder yes i write all kinds which i can .. Bobs ma man :)

    Alpha : Its not mine .. ma bassists blog
  8. #iR@


    luved it! PERFECT TITLE... and i simply luved the flow in the lyrix and yea CAN:T WAIT TO HEAR IT AS A SONG! :) simply AWESOME! :nw: reps!
  9. SG1

    SG1 &quot;Brown Jesus&quot;

    Thankx for checking it out and for the reps
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  10. u kinda painted the whole picture ...too good ...u ppl here are genius

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