Want to buy electric guitar...... need some information

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  1. mehul_ghl@

    mehul_ghl@ New Member

    Dear All,

    I want to buy electric guitar ............ my budget is 15-20k.... confusion is there ... what to choose.....

    want some information......
  2. beemer1960

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    I saw a Fender Strat (made in China) at Furtados in Bangalore at around 25K I think. Decent tones, but personally I am not fond of the china editions. Check out Yamahas knock off of the famous Strat. I understand that they have a collaboration with Fender and produce very similar ones (I played on one and was quite impressed with the similarity) costed less than 20K.
    Have a great time..
  3. cooldesert

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    Do some research on guitars and brands. If you are a beginner then there are packages (includes Amp) available from Fender or Yamaha. Fender is American but the guitars are actually made in China, but they sound good. Yamaha is well too. I think Yamaha has both Humbucker and single coil pickup, not sure though (Yamaha GigMaker EG). If you can spend a bit more, you can go on for Ibanez or Epiphone too.

    I've visited the Furtados and few other stores in Mumbai to check Guitars and personally felt that Guitars are sold costly. Try negotiating.

  4. mehul_ghl@

    mehul_ghl@ New Member


    Actually i have a electric guitar of Jimm with Amp but now i wanna change it.... one shop is here in Ahmedabad which is selling guitar less thn the prices given on Bajaao.com... and will you tell me the particular model so that i can check it out ......
  5. sumit993192289

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    u shoild go for cortx-6 sm
  6. mehul_ghl@

    mehul_ghl@ New Member

    bought it

    B C rich's warlock metal master

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