want to buy an electric guitar worth 15000-20000

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  1. swaraj

    swaraj New Member

    i want an stratocaster type guitar between the range of 15000-20000 which brand i should buy .
    it must have
    3 pickups
    tremolo bar
    24 frets
  2. karanmania

    karanmania New Member

    I think ur budget suits Ibanez...bt if u want rilli gud guitar go for washburn...they hav vry gud guitars which are as gud as ibanez and fender plus they are easy on pocket...and in 15-20000, u can buy a wonder :D
  3. lazy_headbanger

    lazy_headbanger New Member

    that's a cool budget.i say go for ibanez,they are much better than the washburns (Chinese one) and the US or japanese ones are expensive.don't go for squiers.
    get the ibz RG series.its got more than want you want!
  4. martano

    martano New Member


    i also want 2 buy an electric guitar
    ma budget is between 8000-10000
    i don't know much abt elec guitar
    what is this pickup n all?????????????/
    pls give advice!!!!!
  5. karanmania

    karanmania New Member

    you might b right dude bt washburn has a much better range acco. to me...and tlkin bout d chinese product, do u kno digitech and Line 3 actually manufacture their products from china...and so do washburn... so dont take china for granted :D
  6. robin4smile

    robin4smile New Member

    go for ibanez grg 270 dx ...it meets all ur attributes

    my guitar - IBANEZ JS1200 Series,gibson lespaul(slash sig edt)
    amp - PEAVY 9000
    effect Processor - Digitech 8190(hell sound)
    pedal -Cry baby..
  7. zak*wylde

    zak*wylde New Member

    first of all, stratocasters DONT have 24F........they have 22F( like the les pauls)..... ibanez are known for there versatility. so if ur not shure which genre u belong to go 4 ibanez
  8. zak*wylde

    zak*wylde New Member

    try an aria, i read sum reviews saying dat aria's are better dan squire
    and if u dunno wats a pickup go to wikipedia ;)
  9. NirvanaGuitars

    NirvanaGuitars New Member

    hey guys this is nirvana guitars and we are a custom gitar brand i have read your spec and it is possible to have such a guitar. my brand manufactures all kinds of guiars and it is extremelyeast to make such a guitar and allocate it in such a price range. yu would not get a stratocaster woth 24 frets but it can be creates. also for pickups if you could tell me the kind of music you are into i can provide you with pickups that would suit your exact needs

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