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Discussion in 'Guitar Tablature Discussion' started by slayersid18, Aug 18, 2009.

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    hey guys, i've been playing my acoustic for two years and an electric for a year...i can play stuff like bon jovi and some nice chord-oriented music like green day or bryan adams...wat i find is i'm absolutely stunned and have this big question mark on my forehead when it comes to classic stuff like Petrucci or Vai or Satriani.

    I mean, i know getting their kind of music and being able to play that way requires a lot of dedication, practice and stuff, but how to I get myself some sense of direction??

    Ppl tell me do scales, arpeggios, tapping, hammer-ons and stuff...i get lost when i see all those phyrgian/ionian/dorian/what-notian scales and all that 'schnozz.' I can't get myself to apply that knowledge either....

    Any idea how i can get past this guitarist's block i'm facing right now??
  2. distorted

    distorted satan

    Practice scales... They'll help u in undstanding the fretboard n improve fingerwork..
    play a few chords of a scale in any rhythm, record it, n try to play random notes of the scale from all over the fretboard.
    Slowly try to put ideas into wt u play, lyk, try to express a certain feel in wt u play... It'll come slowly...
    N listen to METAL
  3. slayersid18

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    @distorted: Danke!
    Well, i do listen to some metal...Metallica, bit of System of A Down, Children of Bodom...I'm more of a hard rock guy...stuff like Velvet Revolver...okay then scales practice will try to get the hang of it

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