want 2 buy a good yamaha acoustic guitar 15k..!!

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  1. jackzach21

    jackzach21 New Member

    hello frnds...

    i want 2 buy a good acoustic or electric acoustic guitar of yamaha..but i m confused which one 2 buy...n frm wer 2 buy..i can spend upto 15k..

    i liked yamaha apx500 model n yamaha fg720s model..but plz suggest me which one is best..or any other model..and also plz tell me frm wer i will get yamaha guitars in india..plz help..!!
  2. sarindam777

    sarindam777 New Member

    If you are a "newbie"...just starting off, then I suggest start with any acoustic guitar and then graduate to an electric one. But if you already have an acoustic, go for the electric.

    If you are looking to get a full set: Guit+Amplifier+effects set (distortion, flange, etc), then I don't think 15 will suffice. Look around.
  3. jackzach21

    jackzach21 New Member

    hey plz let me knw bout the acoustic...ryt now i m nt interested in electric..
  4. aniketdave

    aniketdave aniket

  5. sarindam777

    sarindam777 New Member

    Quick question... Which city are you from? I'm from Kolkata...

    I got my acoustics (6 and 12 string) for around Rs.3000 each....You don't need 15k for that.....

    >If you can find the shops (I'l le yoy know if you are from my city) try to find YEmaha (not YAmaha), Grason, Gibson or Signature.
    >Make sure you tell them to change the strings that they have on at the time you are buying with new ones. Best sound but hard on the fingers will be brass or spun copper. The white(steel) ones are not as good according to me.
    >Round hole guitars give the best sound, but my f-hole sounds pretty good. Your choice.
    >When you buy, take someone who knows a bit about guitars with you (preferably, your instructor) to test out the guitar.
    >You may opt for a hybrid (acoustic with an electric pickup attached), but to me it sounds weird.
  6. musicmanPKR

    musicmanPKR New Member

    i'd personally go for the APX500 if ya ask me .. apart from that if you ask .. here are a few i'd consider

    Fender CD60 Dreadnought (my personal choice)
    Fender GC12
    Washburn D11

    apart from this .. there is "Epiphone PR4E" .. complete guitar pack with amp, gig bag, DVD, strap, cable, picks, and tuner .. try em out .. ultimately buy the one that sounds the best to YOU .. cuzYOU will be the one playing it .. not ur teacher or sumone

    hope that helped .. take care .. keep srtumming

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