Wanna Learn Guitar ? (Lahore PPl)

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  1. alirana

    alirana Old Time Guitarist

    from 1st nov .. i ll start the classes ... anyone wanna join in contact me. 03004469976 it is .. ONLY LAHORE + ONLY BeGinNerS... 3000 per mnth if u come to my place .. 4000 if i come to urs! .. anyone interested ...u ur friends? ur nana chacha dada mama taya jo bhi lol ..call me adios.
  2. alirana

    alirana Old Time Guitarist

    ji tou ijlal saab wat were u saying ? gohar bhai thoray paisay laitay hain?? GoOd for him :p
    Have u heard abt Meekal Hassan ? Hes one of the best lead guitarists we hav here in PK.. he takes 2500 per class.. yanii 10000 per month .. aur ager aap ko pichli class wala lesson nahi aata he says .. GET OUT.. n doesnt even return ur money ..this is wat u call LEVEL
    And wats with gohar .. i mean ok hes a good guitarist .. but wat has he given? a few nice rhytm played on C#m to Dm? thats it? :p kher bhai woh apni jagha kam paisay laita hoga aur mai iss say kum nahi lay sakta ...
    peace out
  3. rizz

    rizz *Always 420*

    hey u both can learn guitar frm joe satriani......he take 250${doller} per class.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :p :p :p


    hehhe ... Yar kia lar rhay hoo well Ali rana got a point ;) dude u cant Put goher and Hasan bahi in same Catigry , :D .. Hell yeah mekal hasan is Gud guitarist .. n if u wana Learn from Salman Ahamed .. He take Classes @ zam zam .. karachi 1000 rupess per hour ! With personal teaching .. :p ..

    and on the other hand Goher .. Just a creative person . u cant Compare him with Lead master Mekaal hasan :D .. and U cant CompaRe Mekaal hasan TO FarAZ ANwer !! ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX..
  5. zohaib

    zohaib Shredder

    if the case is like this
    so u can learn guitr from me 1500 monthly only
    kia boltey u can take look at my threead aur ager u wanna lisen to my songs u can ask me .....
  6. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    I wiSh I CuD b In Lhr! Khair Am takin` classes frm Mr.JAveD WHo is an Xpert Guitarist N did 3 years Guitar course frm CanadA! BUt heZ 22 sTriCk marta bhi hay :(
  7. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    yaa ijlal i know gohar takes rs2500 per month..hey i also wanna go to him..can u give me his adress or anything..
  8. R@hGuZaR


    i live in lhr. i have frendz going to gouhar and xulfi, [i am highly inspired by xulfi and am an ep fanatic] and i agree with ali rana that they just teach rythms and songs and not real guitar theory. the ppl for that stuff r faraz anwer, mekaal. have ne of u heard of kashif? he teaches at hi tech in defence. i hear hes good. my frend goes to him.
  9. Umar khan

    Umar khan New Member

  10. Umar khan

    Umar khan New Member

    Yaar guyz i m a beginer so plz tell me about that best teacher..no matter how much he demand..but i want 2 learn guitar in a real manner..plz do tell me..i will b waiting 4 ur reply....
  11. uxma

    uxma New Member

    I have been learning guitar from Alhamara art but havent gone there since the commencement to Ramadhan. I plan to re-start my classes after Eid but if they kick me out I will definately contact u
  12. invincible2k

    invincible2k New Member

    hi u all guys none of u told any address where anyone can learn guitar or the basic resource how to learn and address or contact no of Jal EP Salman Ahmed or anyone whose teach guitar like that personally i think its ur personal skills there are tooo many website u can learn guitar from there workhard play as much as u can thats all no one can teach u guitaring personally i think that share ur skills with others its the best way to learn guitar hope u got it ok take care u all and also post anyone who teach guitar in karachi thas it bye

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