Walk the Bridge

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  1. horsesmouth

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    Just far from the farthest place,
    lies alone a world we made.
    Just across the long and narrow bridge,
    is all the happiness we ever had.

    You hold my hand and we move across,
    the creaking wood made you fear.
    I pick you up and smile the way,
    and into our world we disappear.

    We bathed in pools of wonders,
    laughed in the comfort of our home.
    High atop the lone mountain,
    where floral beads brilliantly shone.
    Crossed the forest of delightful adventures,
    the sun lit eager and gold.
    and a ray of happiness pierces the woods,
    breaking into the silence they hold.

    The woods still lie deep and dark,
    concealing the hills of sparkling sun.
    With you gone, the blooms are dry,
    the waters are cold and forbidden.

    I wait to see the day you come again,
    the world's still full of life.
    Days be warm of delightful ventures,
    the bridge's old and forgotten.
    The pleasures were last trodden,
    before the distances came.
    You just need to walk the bridge,
    Just that's where I am.
  2. nice sharing

    well written
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    ......thnX monnie.....
  4. u seem to be a Oscar wild fan...ur style is so closely mached with the orgnamented lingo discribing the places the flora and fauna in details to support the meaning of the actual thought line...r u ?
  5. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    to be frank...i neva seen oscar wilde's works....so i cant say....dumb, yes...
    thanks btw.....i like to put imagery in works....
  6. metalhead_junky

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    nice work....wonder how ppl missed it

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