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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by porcupinetree, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. porcupinetree

    porcupinetree New Member

    I'm using a Stranger Cube 20W amp + Philips Microphone (MD650 50-15000 Mhz, 600 ohm).

    The amp has a low impedence mic-input, and the sound isn't that bad when we jam with power vocal (heavy metal, grunge). The vocal is then pretty audible with drums+guitars going in parallel.

    However, if a song has whispering or close-talking or even growling, then the vocal is lost... we only hear the guitar/drums.

    I know I'm not using the best configuration, but that's why I'm here. What can I do to make the vocal sound reproduction come well ? Since I'm a guitarist as well, I can buy a 40W stranger amp as I need an upgrade for my guitar as well.. but buying a stage monitor should be the last option if I can somehow make-do with a stranger or kustom guitar amp.

    Note: Only Stranger/Kustom amps have a mic-in with low impedence, so me being a guitar player and vocalist, and have a processor I prefer buying those when compared to a Marsh/Laney amp. So, the question is, will upgradinng to a 40W stranger help ? Will some sort of processor help (lol how about my zoom 505II guitar processor ?)... We are really tight on budget, so keeep that in mind.
  2. porcupinetree

    porcupinetree New Member

    anybody here ?
  3. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    You need to set the gain correctly and learn to sing away from the mic in loud passages. But you could get feeedback if you dont have the right space or if you are using a cheap mic.
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    a compressor, perhaps?

    also, your mic technique.
  5. porcupinetree

    porcupinetree New Member

    Are you saying I should increase the GAIN, it may give me more feedback .. right ? I will try it out.

    About the mic, I am using a Philips SBC-MD650 mic, it has specs similar to Shure SM58 but ofcourse it's not a SM58 so it won't be as great as that... but I would still say it's a pretty good mic with wide frequency response, but yes.. it does give feedback when practiced in a closed place.

    Compressor.. isn't that an overkill ? I'm using a Stranger Cube amp :) I think I need a better output source a floor monitor/speaker than the the compressor ?

    What is a good vocal monitor for jamming purpose ? (with drums, guitars, bass). Should I buy the 40W stranger with vocal in ?
  6. flood

    flood New Member

    maybe you simply need to turn the other instruments down. back when bands were foolish enough to audition me, i played with 4 other guys in a tiny room (decent acoustics though) with a heavy handed drummer. signer used a cheapo mic till i got my SM57 to jams and i could still hear him sing from the (kustom? laney?) monitor on the floor. definitely more than 40W though. so maybe your amp does need a change...
  7. porcupinetree

    porcupinetree New Member

    Now I'm really wondering if my Philips mic is good. This isn't a Shure, but has the same spec as SM57 or something..sounds fine to me with Stranger 20W cube in my bedroom... Just also wanted to clarify, in your example, u are talking about a Kustom/Laney "Monitor" or a guitar amp (like it is in my case).

    I will have to carry my mic to a shop and try out different guitar cube amps I think. I don't need any overdrive in my amp cause I already have a processor for my guitar, but I need a separate channel for the vocal. So Stranger and Kustom are the only 2 choice I think.. which one is better ?
  8. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Hey, how can we give a delay to our voice live? Which amp or processor would do better for it?

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