VIEWS ON gb&a guitars for begginers

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by krrahul, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. krrahul

    krrahul New Member

    hi guyz,
    i m new to this guitar world n fter doin sme research i hv decided to buy gb&a acoustic guitar model AG 100;;here is the link for the guitar

    can u guys pls suggest whether to buy this or not for a begginer!!!!
    if any1 of u hv used it pls write bout its pros n cons as well!!!!!

    could u guyz as well suggest what other accessories hv i to buy with a guitar as i hv heard few ppl say that we shud also buy an amplifier even with acoustic as it gives u confidence as a beginner,is it true????if yes which amplifier to go with this guitar????
    reply guyzzz!!!!!!!!!
  2. lazy_headbanger

    lazy_headbanger New Member

    yeah i have played that guitar and for its price (i think Rs 3500/-) its a great buy.great sound,a decently smooth fretboard.and dude, if a beginner you don't need an acoustic is great the way it is.just get the sound right, then maybe upgrade to an electric after getting you act pretty right.
    i say, go for the guitar, drop the amp idea.and you don't need an amp for an acoustic unless ur performing on stage or something.

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