Very urgent : Buying a guitar ( I am not asking brand or model no)

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    I have going to start my guitar classes. I have read every post regarding buying acoustic guitars in the guitars community and found out pluto to be good :).

    My guitar teacher is offering me two guitars to buy from him 1 is the local one fedrar in 3600 and another is pluto HW39c (not 41c) medium sized it has 18 frets and cutwaway and its black in colour with a padded cover at 4600 rs with 1 yr warranty..
    is it a good deal ?

    i found this guitar on rajmusicals it was tagged 3400 without bag and on bajaao it is tagged 3600 and its without bag.
    so is it k to buy from him ? i live in hubli if i order online i have to face shipping charges of 500 more and if i go and buy from goa or banglore i will have to waste 1 day in travelng and also arnd 500 rs.
    So what u say ?

    One of my friend is currently in banglore he is coming on sunday from banglore. He can get it for me.

    I just wanted to know whether it is safe to ask him to get it for me coz he have no guitar knowledge (Neither do i :( )
    He is going to get it from Reynold in banglore. They are going to give me pluto HW41c jumbo cutaway at 3800 to 4000 and pluto hw39c black cutaway at 3300 with cover(both) Its a good place as far as i know. Is it okay if he gets it from there ? those people will not give him some crap or broken thing na ?

    The other option i have to get pluto HW39C medium size cutaway with padded bag from my music teacher at 4600. Its too much when i asked about its price on phone at reynolds they said 3300 with bag if u dnt ask for discount.

    What should i do ?

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