Vayu - In Dino Dil Mera - Life In Metro

Discussion in 'IGT Soundtrack - Your Band, Your Gig, Your Music' started by god of guitar85, May 13, 2007.

  1. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

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  2. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ

    hey..hmm... :)

    heyy...its nice.... ....nice guitaring......slight problems wid murkiyans.... otherwise..its guud...!!


    tc... keep posting..!!
  3. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    hey dude thxs man 4 ur comments.really appreciate dem.btw.. wht do u mean by murkiyans?????? do u mean voice modulation in sum parts??
  4. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ


    umm..u can call it modulation.......

    dekho...if..ure singin.... hai tujhe bhi izazat its nt flat........ nt endin wid dat..ders sm continuity.. wid da aa..sound.. sm places...wid sm modulation.. u getin me??..n another places.."tuu... nd.." hai tujhe"..... its not goin flat... i mean...u kinda.. endin da words flat..... hope.... u getin ... wot all m sayin... :) ..

    tc... keep posting..
  5. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    ya man i got tht. thxs 4 ur comments.i appreciate dem. i vil definitely keep this in my mind during my next cover version!!!!!!!!!!
  6. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ


    hmmmmmmm... my pleasure.......

    m waitin 4 ure next post..!!!...

    gud luck..!!!..
  7. heyitsaakash

    heyitsaakash New Member

    Good job !! I think u should also post the chords u are using when u request us to check out your recordings. That would get more responses for you and initiate or help others also to record their own version.
  8. sayantan_guha

    sayantan_guha New Member

    sounds cool!!!
  9. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    gud one mamun !111111!
  10. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    @heyitsakaash - thxs dude.actually IGTians post da chords of da songs in Hindi guitar tabs section.if u search there u'll definitely get all these chords so many a times i refrain 4m posting chords again in soundtrack section but lets see i'll post 4m my next cover version onwards......... thxs again!!!

    @sayantan_guha and mubeen_rocks - thxs guyz!!!!!!!!!!
  11. greg4u

    greg4u New Member

    Need chords or In dino - life in the Metro

    Hi mastro,

    Please can you guys post the chords for the song In dino ...
    if possible please mail it to me at ..

  12. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    hey greg4u i hve used G D C chords in my cover version.figure dem out.quite simple!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Tequila Sunrise

    Tequila Sunrise New Member

    u got issues posting them??
  14. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    no i dont hve an issue in posting dem there is an option on IGT called search in which if a person is willing 2 search vil easily get chords of many songs. and this is a IGT soundtrack section where IGTians upload their cover versions so i usually stick to posting songs here. also i hve already given da chords i used in this song and they r quite easy 2 figure out.try dem out!!!!
  15. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    great cover dude...
  16. shezi123

    shezi123 New Member

    nice nicee..=)
  17. xan

    xan New Member

    very nice job
  18. sree.rock

    sree.rock New Member

    Yaaaaaa Can U post The Chord.........

    Job is Good..waiting For the New post
  19. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    guyz i hve re-recorded this cover version check it out!!!

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