Vande Materam Guitar Tabs

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by ghosh_sum, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. ghosh_sum

    ghosh_sum New Member

    Can anyone send me the Tabs for Vande materam.
    :nw: .

    Please send it to [SNIP]
  2. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

  3. pratham_prats

    pratham_prats New Member

    hi.........can any one tell me the tabs 4 tera mera pyar by kumar sanu.......n .........also kangana by dr.zues
  4. shantanukr

    shantanukr yEh DiL mAanGe m0rE

  5. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    dude tart a new thead for a different song dis willl give u xtra points
  6. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    LOL extra points? You tellin a person who needs a song to start a new thread for points? O_O

    New threads get more attention..better reason.

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