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    I was there to see Uriah Heep last night. I went there just in time and luckily I managed to stand so close to the stage that I could actually see the strings bend and also which fret he is fretting with which finger and details like that. Couldn't see the pedal board 'cos it was hidden behind the monitor. Mick Box had a beautiful Gibson Les Paul and played it through two 5150 Heads. The bass was a Fender bass and the bass amp names were not visible.

    High Lights:
    1. Sounded amazingly tight even at this age. Uriah Heep was formed in 1969. They sounded the best of all the bands that visited India at least the once I saw. I have seen DP, B. Adams, Scorpions, Satch, J Tull. Of these this is the best in the way they sounded.

    2. I was disappointed that Lawton was not there on vocals but Bernie Shaw turned out to be an outstanding singer and a phenomenal performer on stage. He had so much energy that you'd wonder he's a teenage kid.

    3. Bass Guitarist almost killed everybody with his mindblowing playing. Lee Kerslake was another treat to watch. How much I wished to see him Live some day. He happens to be one of my favourite drummers.

    4. The stage presence and performance was top notch. I couldn't imagine how they would have sounded in their peak in the 70s.

    5. Great tunes from Gypsy, Easy Livin, July Morning, Stealin, Sweet Freedom, Sweet Lorain, etc... kept everybody's attention.

    6. Extremely responsive crowd. The crowd was almost singing every song and it was a great feeling.

    7. The only band which came to Bangalore kept the crowd's attention through out the set list. Hats off to Bernie Shaw. He knew how to hold the crowd.

    Low Lights:

    1. Ken Hensley was not in the line up. Those of you who are fans of Uriah Heep will understand how much Ken Hensley was for the band. He basically defined the sound for the band.

    2. The current keyboardist was pretty good but the sound of Hammond Organ was missing and Uriah Heep is about great Hammond tones.

    3. Mick Box was in a poor form. He was almost playing repetitively. For a lot of songs, he didn't even play the solos. He was jamming on the chords and was using the Wah pedal like never in the history. Considering the fact that Mick Box is a legendary guitarist, it's sad to see that he was in a very poor form. The minute I saw the band, I was screaming Mick Box but poor guy was only playing one box penatonic and was playing in the only the most common comfort scale zones. If you have heard his early work, you know how good this guy is. But he synced really well with the band which was really good.

    4. Very poor turn up. For a great band like Uriah Heep, you need at least 10000 people. The tickets were priced only 500 and not many turned up.


    Uriah Heep did an absolutely outstanding performance. They were the best performers and the showmanship was outstanding. One of a kind. A must see.
    Go see the next band that comes. Encourage music, kill piracy.
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    who opened for them there??

    in mumbai Indus Creed performed
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    No opening band. But these guys caughts everybody's attention right from the beginning till the end. Mindblowing performers. You can clearly understand what showmanship is all about.
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    Glad that it sounded good. The guys taking care for the satriani concert really screwed up i could barely hear joe's guitar. BTW who owns those 5150 they even used it fot Tull and U-rock
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    @ ronnie - dude dont rub it in da.. I bought the FUUking tickets but couldnt go coz i was grounded for breaking my mobile :badmood:
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    ^^ :RollLol: :RollLol:

    Thread moved to music reviews.
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    How old are you??????
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    Doesn't his name convey it. He is 9 year old.
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    Seems so.
    Tahts why he used to think that I am HindiRox.

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