Uravugal thodarkathai song

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    Req: Uravugal thodarkathai song


    Uravugal thodarkathai song from Aval Appadithaan, anyone know guitar chords and leads. plz give me.

  2. nalinkj

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    Sir, please let me know when you get the same. Even I am interested to get that, in fact I am learning guitar to play that song
  3. ktrix

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    Urravugal Thodarkathai

    Song is in D#maj scale
    to make things easier ill post in Dmaj scale
    use capo to play in D#maj

    D Bm G D
    urravu gal thodar kathai

    D Bm G D
    unnarvu gal siru kathai

    D Bm
    oru kathai ing mudiyalam

    F#m Bm
    mudivilum ondru thodaralam

    Em A D
    iniyelam sugame

    Stanza 1
    un nenjile baram

    unakagave nanum

    Em A
    sumaithangiya thanguvaen

    un kangalin.......repeat as above


    G A
    vedanai theeralam

    G A
    verumpani vilagalam

    Bm Em A
    venmegame odu allaginil namm inayalam


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