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  1. surmayee

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    Have you ever wondered what "that" chord is on which a song hang on? RD Burman was a master of this using unussal chords in his songs which is why these are so popular even now.

    Below is one such chords which I hope you guys might want to try out.

    Film Amar prem song Chingari koi bhadke


    More later.
  2. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    This is how i play the song in Em. U gave the exact chord in Fm. I do not know if song is in Em or F#m.. i never heard the original in a long time.
       D U        D
     <Em riff >
    Cadd9= 032033
    G=       320033
    Em=     022000
    <Em Riff>
    Chingari Koi Badke.. 
    Em                 Em     Am
    tho saawan use  bujaye 
    Am                        G
    Saawan jo adan lagaye..
    G                     Cadd9
    use kaon bujaye
          Em     <Em riff>
  3. spencer

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    That is awesome cord, I tried it it sounds awesome!! Could you give me the all the chords for this song?......Do you have any other unsual chords?
  4. percey

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    The original song is in F#m. To get the right effect of the original Chord you need to have in F#m. Its the F#m played with G string open.

    Cheers :beer:

    - Percey
  5. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    hi friends,
    the chord and finger positions posted by surmayee and percey both are correct.
    i have posted the entire chords for the song.
    check out my post for this song.

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