Unknown Guitar, please help!

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  1. kalemati12

    kalemati12 New Member

    Hi ...
    I'm Searching for this flamenco guitar for a long time ...
    Can every one help me and put some information about this music?
    Artist? or music name? or ...


    Hope to chosen Proper place for request ...
  2. kalemati12

    kalemati12 New Member

    Any one?!!!
  3. santhostringed

    santhostringed New Member


    hi kalemati, me too crazy on this style and finally found a video lessons of 2 DVD's in torrent. The author is aaron gilmartin, search for "aaron gilmartin learn to play flamenco guitar" torrents in google, the file size is about 5GB and its worth it.

    by the way where u are frm? if u r in chennai, we can discuss on this style. add me.


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