un-named it must be

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  1. Where are the lines which define those
    The good the right the best
    The barbed wires they all talk about
    Are by the power full for the rest

    Our slave parents the hippocrat teachers, penny earning priest
    Scared always to the core of death, hiding sins for the least
    The few who command, who feel they are
    Will always and have always ruled
    To their desire their lust their greed
    So many, we all, get fuel-ed

    Theirs no grater good, no social best
    helped should no one be
    We all are here to cherish our time
    to eat the most and live like thee

    As the truth comes closer the horizon widens
    The olds then realize their waste
    What they did – for not did, the so called wisdom
    What they didn’t gave to the taste
    That’s what for the fools cry then
    And to shut their angry sole
    The smart arrangement must the religions define
    To shut them in a hole…

    i dont knw if i clud do jsutice to the theme..
  2. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    its awesome.,..
    i think it might b the 1st of your "arranged" poetry.........m I ryt??
    gr8 lines!
  3. yo yo
    thnak u

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