Uhh.... indian rock? career options?

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by sidthekidder, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. sidthekidder

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    Lemme start off by saying I'm two months away from 16 years old, playing guitar for 2 1/2 years, finishing my board exams in 6 days from now and maybe some of my thoughts may be immature so please don't judge me 2 harshly

    ...... yes beta, after boards(sweating my ass for a year) coaching class entrances will start in week's time...no don't worry, you'll get time to play guitar, you don't even have to study for the entrances.....if you don't take admission now, you'll miss out...don't you wanna go to IIT beta....ignore your 'hobby' beta for now,you can always play later.......

    (two years later)
    ....I know beta, IIT entrance was difficult(2 years coaching, untold hours wasted)....don't worry, you'll get admission in other good colleges.....

    (four years later)
    how did placement interview go beta........wonderful, you'll go to infosys......work hard beta rewards will follow.......

    (one year later)
    ........beta, you got a call from IIM......no?.....Ok, we'll take SP Jain, others are good too.......

    (two years later)
    Get placed in a ****ing IT company
    (three-six years later)
    Get ****ing married
    (two-four years later)
    Have ****ing kids
    (fifty-sixty years later)
    ****ing die

    That isn't too bad a future, but jesus ****ing christ man life should be more than that

    How do I do it? Break out of this .... chain......?!?

    I wonder....... what happens in other countries man.... what is the music scene in the USA, the industry, why so many people emerge as musicians.....
    Why aren't there ANY options for something other than that chain in India?
    How come indian rock is SOOO backward man

    OK i know bollywood that doesn't matter what matters is how to break out of it, this shit

    Do i have to go to college? Most people form their bands in college, but.......
    taking coaching for college..........untold hours, learning stuff you don't care about........isn't there any other way?? What if I don't meet proper bandmates in college? FOUR ****ING YEARS WASTED?!???
    How do musicians abroad emerge? Not the mediocre ones, or the lucky ones., but the dedicated ones, like(forgive me for the cliched names) satriani, or slash, or clapton, or vai or others like them....... I know they practice, A LOT, but what do they do while practicing? Are they like gods of guitar at 17, and immediately start recording before 20......... (it seems unlikely)
    What do they do till they're building up?
    Are they enrolled in some college or something, or just live in basements, or in their parents houses till they're ready to move out without doing anything academic? I mean to say, like X releases amazing album at 24 years of age. where do they live before this? Are they so confident of their success and so passionately driven that they know they won't ever need a college degree to fall back on? They just live to practice and play with their bands and tour and shit? No money earning till album release? Can someone please give their opinions n thoughts on this?' Is this a viable option?.....Ignoring college, to play in a band in India..........
  2. horsesmouth

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    u already know the answer,,
    & its: this is india, where we learn to earn, then learn further and earn more
    ofcourse u can do otherwise, but we need to dare, get past the pressure that parents put on us, that we earn a living.

    the bottomline everywhere is: work hard n u'll suceed in whateva you do.
  3. rickkkyrich

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    u mentioned satriani, vai slash and the likes.. no wonder they're successful but success stories are very few.. even in US ...and at least in India there is even lesser chance to be successful if u go out of the league..
    only if u think u're toooo damnn ****ing good in music then only go ahead.. otherwise let it remain as a hobby rather than a bad dream..

    good luck !!!
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Who says you can't play music while doing all that (living conventional life)?

    Most of the grumpy ol' middle aged fellows that you see around (may be including your father) actually never had any strong inclination towards nay of their hobbies.

    Whatever time they get in life is spent either drinking or sleeping or watching TV.
  5. Side_Show_Joy

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    Did I say No?
  6. horsesmouth

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    I agree!....

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